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Thread: 2018 Off-season and Free Agency Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithbishop View Post
    This is a MUCH bigger move than anyone realizes
    Led the team with ZERO sacks allowed last season.
    He has a chance in 2018 to exceed his Games Played total of 1 in 2017.

    Look at this guy! Look at you go man. You used to be fat. Now youre a rock! Fantastic job sir.
    BTW, that post was funny. Nice drive by posting. Do it more often.
    Draft mode on:

    Shaq barrett not matched (2nd rd pick gained)
    Sua Cravens traded for (future 3rd)
    Trade back with Buffalo (12, 21, 2nd rd pick)
    (We have 4 -2nd rd picks)

    12. Derwin James -DB
    21. Will Hernandez- OG
    31. (trade with pats 2 2nd rdrs) OT Mike Mglichney
    2a. Soney Michel- RB
    2b. Billy Price- C
    3a. Equinamis St Brown- wr
    3b. Tarvaris Mcfadden -CB
    5. Antonio Calloway - wr

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogfish View Post
    KB, what's up brother?
    Doing great. I read this site, daily, but go 4 years between log ins.

    Looks like my post jarred Elway into signing a scrub K and LS, though! Big moves

    "A New Machine", my journey and physical transformation :

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    Whoa. I wonder if the Giants consider Chubb now

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    That's not a blockbuster trade, Schefter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachChaz View Post
    Not necessarily. They will employ a 3-4 scheme under new DC Bettcher now and JPP really didn't fit in that as a 3-tech. Niether would Chubb. If they draft Chubb, I dont think it would be to replace JPP. They need a bigger body up front for that.
    I wouldn’t be that concerned about scheme fit. Most defenses are essentially interchangeable given how often nickel packages are used. Von adapted to both schemes on our team. Barnwell even says today that if the Giants expected the scheme to be an issue for JPP, why change systems at all?

    I see the Giants in play for Chubb, depending of course on if they want a QB. Barnwell again speculates that they could still get him or Nelson at 5 and that we would be good trade partners if we sent a first rounder next year (you know, if WE want that QB)

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    Moving JPP makes sense; high dollar player on the wrong side of 30 on a team thatís rebuilding

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