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Thread: The 2018 QB Conundrum

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOtorboat View Post
    Just to reiterate, you have less of a chance to rush the passer when you're trailing. The 2015 team wasn't trailing in ball games. But you can't rely on turnovers and short fields like that team did year in and year out. You must, absolutely must, have a good quarterback to repeatedly get leads early. The problem was in no way one of the top-rated defenses. No way in hell was it the defense.
    The only major discrepancy between the teams was the pass rush numbers and the turnover numbers. You can rely on turnovers if that defense applies pressure. It is not really a coincidence that the Rams defense rose significantly in those numbers while the Broncos numbers on defense dramatically declined.

    I know this is an old subject, but it is still defenses that win it. While the SB this year did not display defense in that game, the Eagles still had to play solid defense to get there. The simple fact is the Pats did not win it for 10 years, until they finally significantly improved their defense in 2014. That, regardless of Brady having his best statistical seasons in those 10 seasons.

    We can say we cannot rely on a great defense, but that to me is false. Great defenses ALWAYS give teams a chance. However, in todays NFL, it is as important or maybe even more important to apply consistent pressure with FOUR RUSHERS than it is to have a high priced QB.

    Like I have mentioned, and it is hard to get around these facts.

    Aaron Rodgers has not won it since 2010, and that year the Packers defense was ranked 2nd in PPG. They have not been nearly as good since, and yet Rodgers has been very productive.

    Drew Brees has not won it since 2009, and they have not really even been to the playoffs, until last season. He has been very productive and yet they have struggled due to historically bad defenses. That has been since he got paid large money.

    Joe Flacco won a playoff game in each of his first 4 seasons and that culminated into a SB win in his contract season. They pay him large money, and they have not been to the playoffs since. The Ravens, were always certainly known for their defenses.

    Andrew Luck getting paid huge, and he has never been to a SB and we wonder why they cannot field a team around him.

    We have seen this play out right in front of our faces a few times. Hell, forget that 2013 team that put up better offensive numbers in history and will probably never be broken. The Broncos had the 19th ranked defense that year, they were missing Von Miller, Chris Harris, and Derek Wolfe in that SB among others. They get thoroughly embarrassed. We can also look back to 2008, where the Broncos had the number 2 ranked offense with poopy pants Cutler, and with probably the worst defense we have ever seen with Slowik, we saw an epic embarrassing collapse that cost Shanahan his job.

    We can spend our time trying to chase a feather in the wind and that is to land a productive QB that will not break the bank, or spend that money trying to solidify the defense, which means the pass rush which directly leads to more turnovers.

    You think this team could have afforded Cousins after you see what he is signing for? How?
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