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Thread: MLB 2018 Thread

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    Going to watch the whole series between Cincy and LAD.

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    Thanks Cincy.

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    The umps cheated us!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan View Post
    The umps cheated us!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!
    But your beloved Cincinnati Reds won.

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    Thanks Cincy.

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    Thanks DBacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan View Post
    Thanks DBacks.
    It must be fun for you this season watching your beloved Cincinnati Reds beat up on the Dodgers. 7-0 against them this season. That is awesome.

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    Thanks Dodgers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan View Post
    Thanks Dodgers.
    The Reds will bounce back. Keep your head up lil' fella.

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    DeGrom deserves the Cy Young, despite the record. This is a historic season and he'd probably be 25-3 on Boston or most other teams.

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    Thanks DJ.

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    *The statements above are my opinions, unless they are links, because then they are links, which wouldn't make them my opinions, and I suppose stats aren't necessarily opinion, but they are certainly presented to support an opinion. Proceed accordingly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    I love the Shitgun.

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    What a gem by Walker Buehler last night.

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    The last 2 games for Puig. 6 for 10. 9 RBIs. 4 HRs. Not bad.

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    Oops. 5 HRs.

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