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dunno if I would give up my top prospect, let alone 4 of them, for Evan Longoria. Maybe 10 years ago, but not now.
I think this calls for a Bay Area radio host to call out the commissioner and then throw a hissy fit!

Turns out my rant isn’t done. The Astros did exactly this when Biggio and Bagwell retired. They’re fans had to listen to how a 5-6 second basemen was the organizations’ savior and how picking the college shortstop wasn’t a value pick over the high school kids.

And what about the Royals, who decided to have one more go and now haven’t even really attempted to go after Hosmer, Moustakas, Cain and Escobar? They aren’t even going to get anything in return for those players except maybe a couple low first and second round picks.

The Braves are in full rebuild mode. Should that ownership be investigated?

Sorry, that’s just ridiculous.