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Thread: Favorite albums of 2017?

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    Default Favorite albums of 2017?

    It doesnt matter what genre, what albums did you like in 2017? I didnt hear many rock records that i was fond of so maybe seeing some other lists will give me some ideas of what i might have missed. In the metal category these were my favorites this year,

    My favorite albums of the year, most likely my final list before the end of 2017.

    Hideous Divinity- Adveniens
    Gruesome- Fragments of Psyche
    Obituary- S/T
    Gorephilia- Severed Monolith
    Cnoc An Tursa- The Forty Five
    ANALEPSY- Atrocities from Beyond
    Nox Vorago- Al Chem
    Nasty Surgeons- Exhumation Requiem
    Black Anvil- As Was
    Eoront- Another Realm
    Anthriel- Transcendence
    Iced Earth- Incorruptible
    Merrimack- Omegaphilia
    Shadow Realm- War of the Archons
    Niviane- The Druid King
    Wolves In The Throne Room- Thrice Woven
    Beneath - Icelandic Death Metal- Ephemeris
    Rings of Saturn- Ultu Ulla

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    idk if I've even heard anything from 2017
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    Raw dawg Hawg.

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