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Alex Smith showed why the Chiefs want to part with him. As long as he has a running game and good D to carry him he looks like an all pro. The minute you need him to go win the game in crucial moments, he fails every time. All he had to do was lead his team to ONE SINGLE scoring drive in the second half. He couldn't come up with a drive to get his team into field goal range when the pressure was on. That's a reflection of his entire career. Great stats, folds under pressure.

Is he better than anyone currently on the Broncos roster? Yes....by a mile. If you sign him at the tail end of his career for big money, you're tying up cap room and having to spend that #5 pick on a QB to develop. Then Smith is going to take away from the rookie's development, and you're still not going to win a super bowl.
You missed the number pf dropped passes by the wide receivers......apparently.

No one, and i mean not one analyst is saying this is on Alex Smith. Not one int, and only 9 incompleteions. 72% completion and his WRs dropped 5 passes. 3 of them in the 2nd half on crucial 3rd downs.

The same goes for 2011 when the 49ers had that NFCCG won and their punt returner muffed a couple punts, costing them the game.

He is a good enough QB and imo perfect with Chad Kelly being there. IF that happened and the Broncos DID NOT draft another project rookie, that would be their best path, considering all of the other pressing needs on this team.

Bottom line for me is I want to see if Chad Kelly has promise. If they draft another project girraffe unproven rookie with the 5th pick, that's it for Kelly.