Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 & Voyager all featured holodecks that enable the characters to act out fantasies. From playing characters in their favorite stories, to creating their own adventures. From exercise and training programs, to adult entertainment. In 1 DS9 episode, there was a reference to getting a program that matched the 61 Yankees against the 78 Redsox, Yankees won 7-3.

Ill defiantly be making more posts in this thread about a variety of different programs Id want to run, but because the episode that mentioned a matchup between 2 all-time great baseball teams, Im going to devote this 1 to the Broncos teams that won our 3 SB vs. the teams that beat us in the 5 we lost. Although the 97 & 98 teams were essentially the same team; Ill go with the 98 team when I want a Broncos team with a superior O because it was our only team to win 14 games, TD rushed for 2,000+ yards & Elway had an MVP performance in the SB. The 15 Broncos is the obvious choice when I want a Broncos team with a superior D.

98 Broncos vs 76 Cowboys (SB XII): Based on the documentaries that Ive watched on this game, the Cowboys O was great, but it was their Doomsday D that doomed us that day. Id like to see how they handle Elway, TD & company.

98 Broncos vs 86 Giants (SB XXI): Phil Sims is overrated, it was LT & his D destroyed us that day. As I mentioned above, Id like to see how they handle Elway, TD & company.

15 Broncos vs 87 Redskins (SB XXII): An unknown RB bum named Timmy Smith put up a HoF caliber performance on us, then went on to finish his worthless 3 year career as the unknown bum that he was before his SB performance. I want to see Von Miller & company crush him like the worthless bug that he was.

15 Broncos vs 89 49ers (SB XXIV): One of the greatest Ds in NFL history going up against 1 of the greatest Os, what football fan would pay to watch this?

98 Broncos vs 13 Seahawks (SB XLVIII): This is a tough 1 because the Seahawks dominance was so complete, but our 15 team had a lot of hold overs from our 13 team. Let the 98 team have their crack.