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Thread: 2017-2018 Official College Football Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    He’s a passer, steps up in the pocket, good deep accuracy, legit arm talent all around. He’s very developed and has played in a WCO since high school.

    He’s not much of a physical specimen, good height but average mobility.

    You used to like him, I’m almost sure of it.

    I get why people are weary of Rosen.
    His debut was impressive, but past that, haven't seen much. I don't ever remember being a big fan. Like I said, career arc reminds me of Hackenburg. Same mediocre like record too.
    *The statements above are my opinions, unless they are links, because then they are links, which wouldn't make them my opinions, and I suppose stats aren't necessarily opinion, but they are certainly presented to support an opinion. Proceed accordingly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valar Morghulis View Post
    So many of my posts are genius I forget them
    Quote Originally Posted by Valar Morghulis View Post
    I wasn't being especially serious, I just thought you were retarded enough that your comment was genuine

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    damn, the U ranked #2 on all polls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy! View Post
    Effing school zones suck. It's only a matter of time before I get nailed in one.

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