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Thread: The 14 Best NFL Draft Prospects

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    Default The 14 Best NFL Draft Prospects

    There isn't a whole lot we don't know here...

    Definitely Broncos related...

    5. Cam Robinson, OT/OG, Alabama

    Best-Case Outcome: Kelechi Osemele (as a guard), Cordy Glenn (as an LT)

    My old boss Al Davis loved speed. He loved fast receivers, fast running backs, even fast linemen. He would have loved Robinson, who combines foot speed, length, and production. For the past three years, Robinson has been facing the highest level of competition possible. That matters. I believe he might be best served as a guard, where he should start from day one (assuming his shoulders are healthy). But in a draft that lacks even one sure thing left tackle, he probably won’t have the luxury of playing guard.

    Let’s say a top-10 team takes him ahead of Howard — a safer bet and a better player — but only because Robinson is their best chance at landing a solid left tackle. How do you “grade” a pick like that? Yet another reason why I hate draft grades.
    Not quite as Broncos related, but...

    4. Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

    Best-Case Outcome: Marcus Mariota

    Somehow I became the president of the Deshaun Watson Fan Club. And that’s fine. Watson makes plays with his feet, his arm, and his mind. More importantly, he changes your culture. If you don’t think that change matters, call the Raiders and ask them what Derek Carr has given them off the field. Watson added new elements to his game each year at Clemson. His coach loves him. He showed up for big games and made his teammates better. What’s not to like? Call me Mr. President.

    Let’s look at Watson’s possible landing spots: How can Cleveland pass on him when they need a QB and a culture change? Pick Myles Garrett first, then move up from 12 for Watson using extra picks, right? Why wouldn’t the Jags be honest with themselves, admit Bortles is not the answer, and just take Watson? Why wouldn’t the Jets make Watson the anchor of their rebuilding process? Why wouldn’t the Chargers snare him as the eventual successor to Philip Rivers? If you’re battling for attention in L.A. with a young QB, would you rather have Jared Goff or Watson? I don’t need to wait for your answer.
    *The statements above are my opinions, unless they are links, because then they are links, which wouldn't make them my opinions, and I suppose stats aren't necessarily opinion, but they are certainly presented to support an opinion. Proceed accordingly.

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    I'd rather have Goof, one year removed from his shit college "offense".
    "Run through a mother****er face, they just ain't gonna want that."
    "You have to hate what you're firing at! Hate it!"

    Make Broncos Great Again, Trade for Jameis Winston/sign Kareem Hunt.

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