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Thread: The Top Tackles of the 2017 Draft Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von Kinger View Post
    He's not as blobby as CR. He's also got better feet. He's not as strong though. Look, man, If we take CR I won't be mad. He can make in the NFL, it's just really slanted against him. However, we won't be paying him a ton of money like Okung, he should help in the run game, and truth be told if he's on par with Okung as a rookie he's still an asset that can get better.

    You feel me?
    I feel you, however you got me really thinking about Foster now......

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT88TheGreat View Post
    I feel you, however you got me really thinking about Foster now......
    If we get Foster **** LT - we just punt the ball and score on d.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post are a Bronco now.

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    I wish we had pick 20 and pick 21. Because I am really intrigued by Foster, I think he is a top 10 talent that will almost surely be there at 20, he would take the front 7 to another level.

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    Damn I just really had a vision, I kind of really want Foster now man. With the upgrades on the DL, shane ray improvement, Von, shaq, Marshall and Foster in the middle, the no fly zone...... Damn

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    I am hoping for foster. I dont like any of the tackles in 1st as a LT. RT or OG in 2nd sure. I did not like myles bull rushed cam for tackling behind line of scrimmage or getting pushed back toward QB.

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    So.....Bolles it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    Much has been made of this year's tackle class. The draft "experts" seem to think it's weak at the top for tackles. While there may not be a Joe Thomas coming out, I disagree with their assessment. I think that there's 3 legit first round prospects. Here's how I have them broken down.

    1. Cam Robinson- 6'6 322
    I've never seen the experts so completely divided over one offensive tackle prospect. Half of them see a guy that can be a franchise left tackle, and the other half think he's either a right tackle or guard prospect only. He's a hulking presence at 6'6 322 pounds with long arms and solid base. He's nowhere near the athlete that other top tackles have been coming out of the draft, but has surprisingly good technique. He also played against some of the country's top pass rushers for multiple seasons. Robinson uses his size well in the run game. He can clear space quickly and is decent at getting to the second level. The one area that he struggles is against speed rushers. He's definitely not the 'dancing bear' type. Robinson may have the lowest floor outside of the left tackle position.

    2. Garett Bolles- 6'5 297
    Bolles has a different build than Robinson and Ramczyk. He only played one year of FBS football after transferring from a junior college. Bolles has freakish athletic ability for a big guy. At the combine he had the best 3 cone drill of all offensive lineman and was 2nd in the short shuttle. It backs up what the film shows. Bolles has the best feet in this draft. He excels against speed rushers and at getting to the second level in the run game. Bolles also plays with the nastiest demeanor in the draft. One scouting report said, "Bolles could start a fight in an empty room." It shows up in the way he finishes blocks. He has the highest ceiling of any left tackle prospect in this draft. Bolles has two things working against him. He lacks the upper body strength to anchor against elite power rushers, and he will be 25 when the season starts. With an NFL weight training regimen, the strength issue is fixable. How much the age issue will bother teams will probably vary from GM to GM.

    3. Ryan Ramczyk- 6'6 310
    Like Bolles, Ramczyk has only one season of FBS experience. He also transferred from a junior college. Of the top three, Ramczyk is probably the most starter ready prospect. He's solid in both run and pass protection. He has good size, good feet, and is a sound technician. Due to offseason hip surgery, he won't be able to do pre-draft workouts, but by all accounts he should be ready for training camp. Ramczyk has the lowest floor at the LT position in this draft. Even though he can't do workouts, the Broncos will have plenty of inside info on him. Tight end coach Geep Chryst is the brother of Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst. If the Broncos want to roll with the most NFL ready starter, Ramczyk is their man. He may have the lowest ceiling of three, but I think his floor could be starting caliber.

    Overall thoughts- All 3 are worthy of a first round pick. Something tells me that Bolles is the man if the Broncos go LT in the first round. He fits the new offensive line mentality to a tee. The age problem shouldn't be much of a problem considering two of the best three left tackle in the NFL are 32 and 35 years old. Also, coach Joseph has mentioned more than once that the Broncos need to find a left tackle that can stop speed rushers. The AFC west is full of them. Khalil Mack, Bruce Irvin, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dee Ford, and Melvin Ingram come to mind. Cam wouldn't be a bad pick. If he doesn't work out at left tackle, I think he could be a Ricky Wagner type of right tackle, or move inside to guard. He has the kind of size and strength that you can't coach up. Ramczyk has a chance to be an effective day 1 starter at the left tackle position.
    Nice prediction!

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