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Thread: Favorite acting performances of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex View Post
    1. You were talking about a dog "inside" of you
    2. I realize you are being more open about it
    3. I was referring to when you were in denial
    4. Lighten up Carl. Doyle is dead.
    1. figure of speech. let me use in a sentence: "The Ramblers are a good sports team. they won a lot of games in 2015, but in the end, they just didn't have it in them to win the championship.
    ok. you see the Ramblers really didn't have anything in their rectums that would have aided them in winning a championship. Hence figure of speech to describe that the day of the championship just wasn't a Rambler day. If this has you still confused, I have nothing more to offer

    over the years, you have arranged everything I post about my dog into a

    context that has me performing a sex act with the animal. I think maybe you should evaluate your own sexual motives instead of projecting them onto others.

    2. no response
    3. see response to 2nd item
    4. my name is not Carl, however I think it's a Slingblade reference about a retarded man played by Billy Bob Thorton whose character has mannerisms and possibly some physical characteristics that are similar to my own. Therefore I must be retarded like Carl in Slingblade. ew burn, I must admit you got me there.

    5. Hoe is not a dirtbag

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    I really prefer tv actors now to most of what I see on the big screen.

    Best - Ian McShane - Deadwood
    Really good - James Gandolfini - Tony Soprano

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    McShane was really good in Deadwood, i agree. I went in thinking i would like Timothy's character more because i like him a wide range of movies but McShane killed it.

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    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is on today and I haven't watched it in years. I have to add pretty much the entire cast to this list. Just such a great movie. Sydney Lassick as Cheswick is arguably my favorite performance of the entire movie.

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