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Thread: Carnegie Deli closes at midnight (refused $10 million offer to stay open)

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    Default Carnegie Deli closes at midnight (refused $10 million offer to stay open)

    Guess I won't get a chance to visit the original. I've had the pastrami sandwich at the Vegas location and it was delicious.

    Carnegie Deli owner turns down $10M offer to save restaurant on day of planned closure

    The owner of the Carnegie Deli chewed up and spit out a beefed-up offer from a former dishwasher to buy her fabled restaurant on the day itís slated to close.

    Marian Harper-Levine, the deli's president, reaffirmed her intention of closing the 79-year-old deli tonight at midnight hours after Upper East Side restaurateur Sammy Musovic offered $10 million to buy the eatery and save it from closure.

    Musovic offered $5 million in October for the Seventh Ave. deli.

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    It was a good pastrami sandwich, I enjoyed it. I thought Katz's was better though.

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