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Thread: Remake Hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOtorboat View Post
    That's fair. A certain part of me wants to see those things happen in front of me, though.

    Amazingly, Buff made me think of an expanded set of Middle Earth movies last week that I'd never thought of before. I responded with there are no hobbit stories left, although there is one you could tell with the Took family. I'd love to see the Fall of Numenor on the big screen, or the first battle against Sauron or some of the First Age stories as movies. I doubt anyone does it because of the sheer scale and cost that Peter Jackson's movies took on. But they'd be good movies.
    They could do a Neflix series just based off small stories in Middle Earth. So much material to pull from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterShake View Post
    They could do a Neflix series just based off small stories in Middle Earth. So much material to pull from.
    Id be afraid it would turn into what was done to Shannara and The Sword of Truth series, which were just total shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    I love the Shitgun.

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