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Thread: Something Screwy With Sling TV

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    Default Something Screwy With Sling TV

    I dumped my Cable TV service (except the internet) but I didn't want to get rid of my sports so I found Sling TV (owned by Dish Network) which streams a limited number of "basic cable" channels to your Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire or other "smart tv" device. The service starts at $20/mo and you can add on packages for more.

    What was appealing about this package was that I could get ESPN, ESPN2 and add a package for $5/mo more that gave me ESPN News, ESPNU, SEC Channel, ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater plus access to the Watch ESPN app so I could watch replays of games I missed. Way cool, right?

    So, last week I noticed that Sling TV now offers Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Net (local RSNs marketed by zip code), FOX, FX, their soccer net, etc. Even better.

    Here's the catch though. You can either order the standard package with all the ESPN channels or the "Beta" package of Fox Sports channels but you are presently not allowed to have both. Currently, there's no charge to switch packages and the difference in monthly rates is pro-rated so, I suppose, you could just bounce between the two packages as often as you want until Sling TV figures out they can charge you every time you switch and make a bunch of money.

    I asked, 'can I pay extra just to have both?' The chick says no. But she did say I could order the Fox package and still subscribe to Watch ESPN separately. Hmmm. Betcha that will get stopped.

    For the price, they are terrific deals. Sorry, if your team has their deal with ROOT Sports (the DirecTV/AT&T consortium), you're still SOL. But if you hate paying cable prices but love to watch live sports and you have a solid internet streaming service, this is still a great way to go. It's just so close to getting even better.
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    Is this, or something else, because I'm about to make the switch

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    Not to be confused with Slingbox which is redirecting your video signal to another remote device.

    Here's the website for Sling TV:

    If you don't have a Roku or video device, they have a free offer to send you one.

    What you do need are a good enough internet to allow streaming videos and a wifi router.

    You can also add Sling TV to your iphone or Android phone and a laptop computer so you can watch anywhere a good wifi signal exists.

    Local TV signals are not included so many people rig up a local antenna to catch those programs.

    You can have multiple devices (multiple tvs) on the same account but it will only let you watch through one device at a time so if you are thinking about a household of spouse, children, etc, be careful how you plan this.

    I was spending $200/mo for cable/internet. The internet part was $66 and various video services now are $37/mo plus I will buy the Gamepass in the fall so I can watch replays of NFL games I miss.

    I know it sounds like I'm promoting these guys when I'm just a subscriber who probably would not have cut the cord if I could not get the live sporting events I enjoy.
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    I miss the old Mile High Stadium.

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    Yeah, that's the service I was talking about. I've had it bookmarked on my phone for about a year. I just haven't made the switch yet.

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    Information on an older thread started on Sling tv

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