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Thread: 4-3 Vs 3-4 with out current roster

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikerman View Post
    I didn't realize Marshall was that big either. I think the ILBs in a 3-4 need to have some good size and weight to them as they're the primary run stoppers.
    Convert TJ Ward to MLB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan View Post
    I'm not sure if there will be a huge difference. A lot of the time it looked like we had 3-4 kind of look, especially on the line. The line has always looked 3-4 to me. LE, NT, RE, and then Von or Ware coming around the end. Derek Wolfe reminds me of JJ Watt or Jared Crick, like in Houston. Ware (and probably Von) would be similar to Conner Barwin.

    1) Why would Pot Roast see more snaps in Wade's scheme?
    You have to have a fat, space-eater at nose tackle. Pot Roast is good at being fat.
    2) What positions do we need greater depth in to make it work?
    I think, regardless, we need LB depth.
    3) Will this see Von in coverage more than pass rushing?
    I doubt it.
    4) Does a change in scheme also mean a change for our dbs? If so, how does it affect them?
    People are saying Wade will attack more. So this could mean our DBs could press the WR harder because they may not have to cover for 4-5 seconds or longer. I'm curious to know what Wade does with his safeties. I wonder if TJ will be up at the line a lot. I thought the safeties in Houston were more like cover safeties. One was a former CB. It could just be him working with what he has.
    Wade runs a one gap system, so the NT doesn't have to be big fattie. But Wade is smart enough to make the scheme fit the players.
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