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Thread: Official Broncos Forums Traveling Jersey updates!

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    That is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I wish I had been able to participate but my absence precluded that from happening but i have truly enjoyed the stories and pics and I am glad it ended up with you T
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    More Americans have been killed by New England Patriots players than by Ebola.

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    nice! seems like an entirely appropriate and fitting end to the journey's travels. . .

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    I've been waiting for this post for some time. Davii had told me when the shipment tracking showed it had arrived. Glad you have it!
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    We have lost NTL forever to the elitist crowd. Big green egg, home brew, hot latina wife, ...

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    I've been waiting for this post for some time. Davii had told me when the shipment tracking showed it had arrived. Glad you have it!
    Me too and T posted this after I got on the road for almost 4 straight months.

    Man reading this I realized how much I miss the updates on the Traveling Jersey. Davii you did a amazing job. Just reading where all it went and how many people got to enjoy the aura of it's power made me tear up. So glad to be a part of such a special project.....Davii I miss this....wink....wink....hint....hint....and you should keep it this time.....wink...
    Getting Stoked

    Thank you Medford for the great signature!

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