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Radical Candor by Kim Scott. Leadership books make me roll my eyes sometimes. There are some good lessons to be had but they try to present their books as the only way to lead at times.

There are certainly guidelines, but not so many rules.

A lot of it, for me, is more about framing my leadership experience in a civilian or corporate context.

This book is good so far, I'm enjoying it, but it comes down to honesty and trust more than anything.

I'm mostly learning the lingo and language buzzwords from this one so I can speak to it with a boss I know loves the book. I don't see any negative leadership lessons in here so that's a start as it seems so many of these books lose me two chapters in to what I feel is just bad leadership advice.
I like Tim Ferriss's work in the leadership genre. I got really into his podcast a few years ago and haven't really gone back - but he was who turned my onto Jocko and a bunch of other world class performers. It's interesting to hear what works for each of them and draw commonalities.

His Tools of Titans books is one I'd like to circle back to at some point.