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Thread: Star Wars: Episode VII - IX & Spinoffs Disscussion *SPOILERS INSIDE*

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefStew25 View Post
    Rain Johnson was good in the Office tho.
    Rainn Wilson...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyaka View Post
    Rainn Wilson...
    You little busy body.

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    Iím an Autistic Self-Advocate. If you have any questions about Autism/Aspergerís, feel free to ask. Iím not offended by any question asked by anyone who has a genuine desire to understand us better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanInAZ View Post
    I appreciate his enthusiasm and explanation, but he is making lots of assumptions. In almost all the movie adaptations of the books they go into the psyche of the lightsaber duel. It is not about stances, thrusts, building up power but rather flourishes and counters because essentially each opponent can see two steps ahead. It is always about trying to goad them into losing focus and attunement with the force to get the upper hand, not just poking around and trying to damage the other person because a force sensitive person would see that a mile away and kill you instantly. Also drawn out lightsaber fights are much more fun to watch!

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    Jon Favreau’s new Star Wars streaming series will be called “The Mandalorian”

    We’ve known for a few months now that Jon Favreau was working on a live-action Star Wars series for Disney’s upcoming (but as of yet unnamed) streaming service. But that’s about all we knew.

    Until now! Favreau just dropped a few huge details out of nowhere.

    In a surprise Instagram post, Favreau mentioned:

    It’s at least tentatively called “The Mandalorian”. For the unfamiliar, Mandalorians are a group of warriors in the Star Wars universe. The most famous Mandalorians are Jango and Boba Fett, though Favreau notes that this series will focus on “another warrior.”
    It’ll take place “after the fall of the Empire” but before the First Order shows up; in other words, after Return of the Jedi but before Force Awakens.
    Alas, that’s it for now. No word on casting, or new characters, or even any concept art to be seen. Will the new series tap much of the existing universe, or will it intentionally be set far enough away so as to be mostly self contained? This new warrior — are they a bounty hunter, the gig their fellow Mandalorians are best known for? Will it finally answer, once and for all, whether Boba Fett survived the sarlacc pit in Disney’s hacked-and-slashed version of the canon? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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