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Thread: Server unreachable this morning and database errors

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    Default Server unreachable this morning and database errors

    An update on two things.

    First, this morning at about 9:40 am Central time, the server went down and was unreachable for about 20 minutes. Apparently, a power cord was knocked loose when they were working on the rack where the BF server is located. By the time I was alerted, contacted the data center and they addresed it, it took 20 minutes or so.

    Second, following that power outage, one of the MySQL tables was 'crashed' and had to be repaired. I did that, and everything seemed to be working fine. I then got a PM about some ongoing DB errors when trying to post. While I posted in several threads without a problem, I think it was tied to the table that stores the thread information, and it was probably only throwing DB errors for certain threads.

    To fix the DB issues, I turned the forum off for about five minutes, and then ran the DB repair utility multiple times, without anyone posting to the forum. The first time it found and fixed errors in one table, the next two times it ran, it came up clean.

    Please let me know if you get anymore DB errors. If you are unable to post the error here, because you are getting a DB error or other problem, please send it to


    Obviously, piece that email address together. I posted it that way to keep the email collection bots from grabbing it as easily.

    Also, please include the text in the little box that gives details of the vBulletin error. It should list the exact MySQL/DB error that it is getting.

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    I had a couple incidents using Linux here at the shop, and on my laptop using Windows 7 with Firefox and chrome this morning. I'll copy and paste the errors here next time if that helps.

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    Yep, it definitely would help or PM/email them to me (as they may contain IP addresses and such).

    Also, I am running a utility to rebuild thread information, because there seems to be some weirdness where threads aren't showing all the new posts. Or, when you click on a page number, it reloads the page you are on. I also have a question into vBulletin about this.

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    Ok, I finished running the utility that rebuilds thread information, and things seem to be back to normal now. Please let me know if there are any other problems/weirdness.

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