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Thread: Dear Wigger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thnikkaman View Post
    I understand why you omitted PUTS from that list, but they are 9 albums deep, have better party songs than 50 Cent, have excellent production value, and Thes One pwned Will I Am in a live DJ Battle.

    Speaking of Will I Am, I am very happy that the Black Eyed Peas didn't make this bracket.

    Yea, wasnt really saying they didnt belong im just not familiar with them as this area of music isnt my strongest area.

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    So they updated the bracket and put some more relevant artists on it. But it is still bombarded by the MTV generation kids.

    I should run my own bracket.
    I got mind control while I'm here
    You goin' hate me when I'm gone
    Ain't no blood clot and no fear
    I got hope inside of my bones

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    DEL and Biggy Dirty South???????? Who does these things. I am done voting on this lame thing.

    SAKUNA MATATA - Black Forest, CO

    ^Thanks MasterShake^

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