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    who the hell banned me and for what? Lol I havent been on this site in 2 or 3 years. Thats petty and for no reason. site already dry and,your banning people,for shit that happend 3 years ago? petty petty petty. Goodbye.

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    Bring back GoneForever!

    I miss her.
    Quote Originally Posted by Day1BroncoFan View Post
    I'm happier than tom brady in a gay bar....
    Quote Originally Posted by Buff View Post
    MY post was uber-loser spin.

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    He's gone again.
    Bill Williamson:

    "The Broncos went from one of the more attractive organizations in the NFL to one in total disarray. McDaniels will go down as one of the most reviled figures in Denver sports history".

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    Shucky darn.

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    That was random.
    This space available for lease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnomeflinger View Post
    That was random.
    No, Random was another poster. He posted a little here, a little there . . .


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