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Thread: Kurt Angle trying out for the Olympics again.

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    Default Kurt Angle trying out for the Olympics again.

    God, I hope he keeps the theme music.

    Its been nearly 16 years since Kurt Angle won his Olympic gold medal. Since then, Angle has had five neck injuries, become a major star for two professional wrestling organizations, has gotten divorced and then remarried.
    Now, Angles goal is to wrestle again by trying to make Team USA at the age of 43 and represent his country once again at the Olympic Games this summer in London.
    Ive been wrestling professionally for 12 years and I have been training for the Olympics for seven months. Its going really well, Angle told The Post. I can guarantee that I will either make the Olympic team or be an alternate. I will go over to London and represent my country.

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    Angle gives actual wrestlers a bad name. It's like being a traitor to go from actual Olympic or collegiate wrestling to that WWF crap. Tou didn't see Cael Sanderson, probably the greatest wrestler who ever lived, joining the damn WWF.
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    lol ok chaz. He made a living doing it. I hate wwf but when angle started over there the money in mma wasn't enough to allow guys to make a good living. He took care of his family

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