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Thread: Guidelines concerning posting of copyrighted articles

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    Default Guidelines concerning posting of copyrighted articles

    Important Notice Concerning the Posting of Articles. Unfortunately, it will no longer be allowed to post full articles on

    As has been noted in the past, I have been contacted by websites and publishers concerning articles being posted without links to the original source, and in other cases because the full article was posted, which is a violation of copyright. This week the Denver Post published an article telling their readers tat it is NOT ok to post full articles, and describing “fair use”. Please take a look at that article In addition, they have told me personally that this article and the protection of their copyrighted material is a corporate initiative that goes beyond individual writers or editors at the Post.

    While is not legally responsible for any copyright violations posted by a member, we will begin deleting posts that contain full articles and/or don’t have links back to the publishing website. This is being done for two reasons, first attempts to maintain a good reputation with other Broncos related sites and news organizations , and second because it is the nature of US litigation that any suit will be brought against BroncosForums rather than a individual poster, because we are an easier target. As the ad revenue has yet to even fully cover the cost of running the site, there is no money in the BroncosForums coffers to defend copyright litigation.

    While some sites don’t mind full articles to be posted, assuming credit and a link are provided, most strongly enforce their copyright and do not want full articles reposted. For this reason, the only posting of articles that will be permitted will be to post a few paragraphs of the article, while clearly showing it is quoted material (use the vBulletin quote function), and a link to the publishing website. This is typically considered “fair use” and therefore acceptable.

    By giving proper credit, posting only two to three paragraphs, you will help keep friendly relationships between the community and the many news organizations that do a great job of covering the Broncos.

    The above should not be construed as legal advice, or acceptance of responsibility by or the owners or staff of, for the posts of its members. As an interactive service provider (ISP), is not the author or publisher of any posts by forum members.

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