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    Default Amazon Prime

    Does anyone use this service?

    We bought a kindle fire for my daughter and though about prime for her as well but I am looking at the perks and it seems lacking and not worth it?

    Instant download of movies is nice but already having a Netflix account makes that pointless.

    Games seem same price as if you got them from marketplace.

    Just not sure there is really any point in it, anyone actually use the service?

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    Like you we have netflix but we received a Roku Wireless device for xmas this year and are considering getting the service with Amazon Prime. We pay $22 a month right now with Netflix which we would keep but paying $80 a year for the AP service wouldnt be a bad deal. I guess we will wait and see as there is a lot of great services with this Roku device so is there a massive point in my opinion? Nah, but it does give other options for sure.

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    The best thing is the free two day shipping.

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    If you don't have a Kindle and don't do a lot of shopping through Amazon, then I wouldn't get the Prime membership. But if you do on either or both of these, then Prime is awesome.
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