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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastCoastBronco View Post
    I read the book first (about a week before I watched) and really enjoyed the book.
    I got through the first episode and a half and stopped watching due to soooo many needless changes to the original source material.
    If you have not read the book then you'll probably like it because the production value is really good.
    I just couldn't figure out why they would make so many changes to such a beautiful story.
    I’m three quarters through the series and enjoying it, but only a 3rd into the book. I’m struggling with the short chapters that jump back and forth in time and I’ve always disliked books written in present tense. No doubt it’s worth sticking with and there’s a story worth telling, it’s just the way it’s been written that’s not to my personal taste.

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