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Thread: The politics forum and the religion forum (P&R) now require you to opt-in

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    Default The politics forum and the religion forum (P&R) now require you to opt-in

    The politics forum and the religion forum (P&R) now require you to opt-in, before you will be able to view or post within them.

    This has been done because many members do not want P&R threads to show up when they click "New Posts", so this provides a solution that works for all forum members.

    In order to opt-in to the P&R forums (or any of the other opt in forums), do the following:

    1. Click on "User CP"
    2. Click on "Group Memberships" on the left side of the page under the Networking category.
    3. Find the Forum you want to join, and READ the description about the forum, and if you wish to join it, then click the circle next to "Join Group"
    4. Click the button labled "Join Group"
    5. Repeat steps three and four for any additional forums you wish to have access to (you can only opt-in to one forum at a time).

    You can opt-out of any forum, by following the steps above, but instead clicking "leave group"
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