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Thread: Last movie you saw - and rate it

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    Watched “Unfrosted” last night, thought it was great, really enjoyed it. Silly, funny, and a ton of great talent

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    The Roast of Tom Brady. 8/10 Hilarious!

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    I watched Roast of Tom Brady tonight, it was cute. Heh. Really enjoyed it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sting
    "You know cos I just lost my parents--both my parents died in the same this day, people come up to me and say 'my dad died and that album really meant a lot to me,' which is very nourishing {pats heart} for a songwriter to hear that your songs have a utility beyond just their own solace, that it actually helps other people."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawgdriver View Post
    I watched Roast of Tom Brady tonight, it was cute. Heh. Really enjoyed it.
    Idk it was ok. I couldn't get past the backhanded jerkoff to an ego maniac. I don't even hate him anymore since he went to Tampa and beat the Chiefs ass in the SB. Why was Kim K there?

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