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Thread: BroncosForums' Posting Rules and Guidelines

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    Default BroncosForums' Posting Rules and Guidelines

    The following BroncosForums' rules are being set forth in order to present and maintain Broncos Forums as a board which can be enjoyed by all members.

    This is a community. That means that we are many different people making up a single entity. Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun off, or insult another member. If you feel a post violates a rule, don’t retaliate, report the post.

    Moderators are volunteers that help out the forum for FREE. Until you have walked in a moderator's shoes, you have no idea the number of hours that they put into making this a better community for YOU. Please treat all moderators with respect in both public forums and in any private messages. Moderators also are expected to treat the members with respect in both public forums and in any private messages.

    The good of the BroncosForums community will always be the driving factor. No single poster is larger then the community and will be allowed to constantly disrupt the community. Posters that are not able to follow the forum rules and are not able to interact with other posters and the moderators in a civil manner will have their privilege of posting on BroncosForums removed. Posting Rules:

    1. No discussion about how to conduct illegal activity, including posting links to sites that discuss such activity.

    2. No Flaming, baiting or harassing. Regardless of whether you like a poster or a point being made, do not resort to flaming and harassing that poster. Don’t post “flame-bait”. That is a post just to irritate members or designed to get a reaction from another poster. This type of posting behavior will be dealt with in much the same manner as personal attacks.

    3. No threats, name calling, ethnic or racist remarks, gender harassment or other type of posts that attack another poster or posters.

    4. No use of obscene or indecent language, obscene or indecent photos, or links to obscene language or photos, or anything that would be considered offensive to most people may be posted. Since it is difficult to define what is 'obscene or indecent' or what will offend most people, the 'benchmark' that will be used is Prime time Network TV. If the FCC does not allow it on Prime Time Network TV, it is not allowed on -- Note: final decisions on what is or is not obscene will be made by the moderators and the admins.

    Note: The exception to this rules is that more adult orientated language and risqué images (NOT nudity) are allowed in The Lounge (see stickied threads in that forum for specifics).

    5. Censored Words: If a word is censored, meaning if you type a word that the message board automatically replaces with ****, it is NOT allowed to to use characters like !, @, etc. to get around the profanity filter, nor can you add a smiley to the end of a censored word or use any other trick to get around the profanity filter.

    It is allowed for a member to type a censored word and let the profanity filter substitute **** for it. This will be seen as the equivalent of beeping or bleeping out bad words on TV/radio.

    Acronyms that are allowed: WTH, WTF, FUBAR, SNAFU, LMAO, LMFAO, ROFLMAO, ROFLMFAO, BS, SOB

    Acronyms that are not allowed: S.T.F.U., F.U.

    This guideline will not list specific words that have been approved or disapproved. If the profanity filter replaces a word with ****, do not use any variation of that word, nor alter it to get it past the filter. If a moderator tells you a word or word variation is not allowed, do not use it.

    Note: The exception to this rules is that circumventing the filter is acceptable in The Lounge (see stickied threads in that forum for specifics).

    6. Avatars, Signatures and Custom User Titles: You may not have obscene or sexually explicit images in your avatars or signatures. Again, the Primetime Network TV test will be used as to whether or not it is acceptable.

    No political images or statements are allowed in avatars, user titles or the primary signature-- final determination as to whether a signature or avatar is 'political' will be made by the moderators and admins.

    Images must conform with non opt-in standards -- final determination as to whether a signature or avatar image is to explicit will be made by the moderators and admins.

    Positive 'religious' signatures and avatars are allowed -- final determination as to whether a religious signature or avatar image is 'positive' will be made by the moderators and admins. Any attempt by a user to get 'cute' with the positive rule to make political statements or as a means to make a statement about Forums' signature policy will risk losing the right to have any signature.

    You may create a secondary political signature by going to your "User CP" and then clicking "Edit Options" and filling in the appropriate fields.

    If you wish to view other poster's political signatures, you may enable them by going to your "User CP" and then clicking "Edit Options" and checking Enable Political Sigs and/or Enable Religious Sigs.

    7. Use of Multiple user names is not Permitted – You have signed up with a user name, and that is the only one that should be registered. Posting under multiple user names will result in all user names being banned.

    8. No advertising – No links (including in signatures) intended to advertise or posts intended to advertise are permitted. If in doubt, request approval first.

    Some exceptions will be made for non-commercial sites, but approval must be sought from an administrator prior to posting.

    9. Moderators decision's are NOT to be questioned or ignored within the forum or threads where the action took place. If a moderator deletes a post or thread, do not start another one with the same topic, or create a post/thread asking why “xxxx” was deleted.

    Do not disregard a moderator's directive within a thread, and do not post mocking or sarcastic responses to a moderator directive.

    If you have a question or concern about a specific moderator decision, you can send a PM to another mod or admin (Tned) and discuss it privately.

    If you are concerned with how the site is being run or moderated, it is acceptable, and encouraged, to create a thread in the Town Hall forum and discuss the subject in 'general' and whether a change to the rules or the enforcement/interpretation of the rules needs to be considered. However, any Town Hall thread of this type should be an honest discussion about the rules, interpretation and enforcement of the rules. Do not use Town Hall threads as a means to create a backhanded or thinly veiled attack on a moderator action or protest of a moderator action.

    10. Stay on topic. While moderators will allow threads to wander a bit in the natural course of the discussion, posts that are clearly off topic or are meant to intentionally derail or spam a thread will be removed.

    Following a fellow poster around an hounding or spamming threads that they post in will not be tolerated.

    Threads in the Lounge and Chit chat will be given more leeway when it comes to off topic or wandering posts, while there will be little leeway given in the politics, religion, football and Town Hall forums.

    11. While BroncosForums has political and religious forums, any member that wishes to participate must agree to not resort to baiting, flaming or attacking. It is important to understand that it is unlikely you will ever change the mind of a stranger on these types of subjects. If threads become heated, or result in complaints, then they may be edited, closed or removed by a Moderator. If a particular user's posts constantly results in moderator edits or deletions, it may be cause for disciplinary action, which could include the poster losing the right to participate in the P&R forums or an account suspension or ban.

    This cannot be stressed enough. If you are going to participate in P&R, you must have thick skin and NOT resort to personal attacks when others disagree with you.

    While staying on topic is always important, it is ‘essential’ in P&R. Many posters participating in P&R consider the discussions and debates very serious, do not make jokes or derail the threads with off topic remarks.

    Carrying P&R grudges into the main forums will NOT be tolerated and will at minimum result in the loss of P&R privileges.

    12. Negative PM's and MHS messages: It is not allowed to use private messages and MHS messages to send negative or nasty messages. These will not be tolerated and swift action will be taken by moderators.

    13. Reporting posts: It is every member's responsibility to report posts that violate any BroncosForums' rules. It should never be assumed that a moderator reads every post. Instead, the moderators rely heavily on the community policing itself by reporting posts, PMs and MHS messages that violate the rules.

    It is NEVER acceptable for a forum member to "take matters into his/her own hands" and deal with another member who has violated the rules by attacking that poster. If you see a post that violates the rule, your ONLY course of action is to report the post, not to retaliate and 'fix it' yourself.

    No matter how well meaning, any poster that attacks another for any reason will be dealt with the same. Report, don't retaliate.

    As a member of this community, you have a responsibility to BroncosForums. That includes both following the rules and reporting those that do not.
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    Rule 6 has been corrected due to a type of the word Religious being left it. It now reads:

    No political/Religious images or statements are allowed in avatars, user titles or the primary signature-- final determination as to whether a signature or avatar is 'political' or 'religious' will be made by the moderators and admins.

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