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Thread: OFFICIAL MELTDOWN THREAD.. and JR watch thread..

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    Default OFFICIAL MELTDOWN THREAD.. and JR watch thread..

    OK peeps go ahead and MELTDOWN...hahahahah LOL I fugging love it..

    and someone please find JR make sure he is alive and well.

    Tuff Buff
    Quote Originally Posted by Valar Morghulis View Post
    You start with a half pint of beer, you must take two drinks, add something and pass it on!! One day we had all sorts in there, and my mate squatted in a massive log, the next guy never took two drinks and added to it - he necked the whole thing, chewed down that turd!
    He was pretty famous after that

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    Karma for the April fools thread. Now he's really going to have a heart attack.

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    HELL YEAH....Bring on the hate.

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