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Thread: Dj Anubis (Northman) back on the air

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    In this episode Neko and i tackle how the loss of technology would affect humanity especially during times like this when isolation and lack of socializing is needed. Furthermore, more postponements and cancellations of concerts adds to the depression.

    We have a movie review of Glass and a recap of Shymalan's work throughout the years as well as reviews for music documentaries for L7 and The Mentors. Check out as we discuss the connection both have with the late Kurt Cobain.

    And when it comes to the paranormal, are Ed and Lorraine Warren the real deal? Are they really out to help people or did they do everything for fame and financial gain?

    We would like to thank V.R. Finland and Grand Sounds Promotion for selected tracks in this episode and as usual a big thanks to Sky Neilsen Promotions and Chris Grant and Kelly Grant from Metal O Mania for their great support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast.

    Aesculeta- Zombie (Cranberries Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Maeskyyrn- Gathering Believers Among Sheep
    Spectral Lore- Mercury
    Fjosnisse- Natt
    Hyperia- Contagion
    Verbal Razors- Love Song
    Stallion- No Mercy
    Testament- Night of the Witch
    Anacrusis- Grateful
    Surgical Strike- Not in this Life
    Diaspora- Jaktfalk
    Mastodon- Asleep in the Deep
    Aunt Cynthia's Cabin- Rider in the Desert Sun Pt II
    Yuri Gagarin- Crystal Dunes
    Boston- Foreplay/Longtime
    The Heavy Minds- Spheres
    Dead Crown- Aurora Eterna
    Vreid- Welcome Farewell
    Second to Sun- No Need to Be Afraid Now
    Sacred Dimension- Stream of Moments
    Azure Emote- Three Six Nine
    Whoresnation- Mephitic
    I Myrkri- En Besvaergelse af Frygt
    Violet Cold- Noir Kid
    Screaming into the Void- Dirge
    "Corona virus? Well then stop drinking Corona beer! DUH!"-AOC

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    Neko and Noobs with the return of The Nocturnal Pulse involving all things black metal and its bastardized brothers and sister genres. Be on the lookout for other future genre specific episodes down the road as well!

    Summoning- Long Lost Where No Pathway Goes
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Dark Fortress- Betrayal and Vengeance
    Belenos- Skorn Ha Tan
    Midnight Odyssey- Forever Silenced
    Oranssi Pazuzu- Vino Verso
    Windir- Black New Age
    Imperium Dekadenz- A Cave Called Wisdom
    Glorious Night- Carne Esclava
    Slaughter Messiah- Descending to Black Fire
    Emperor- Thus Spake the Nightspirit (Live)
    Westering- We Buried Him Preciously
    Duskmourn- Forged by Fire and Stone
    Ereb Altor- Wolfcurse
    Galar- Bokens Hymne
    Mystifier- Soultrap Sorcery of Vengeance
    Ages- Spawn of the Tyrants
    Zeugen Der Leere- Untergang
    Slaughtbbath- Ritual Bloodbath
    Forlorn Path- What Lies Beyond
    "Corona virus? Well then stop drinking Corona beer! DUH!"-AOC

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    In this episode Neko and i discuss the continued effect that the coronavirus has had on the music community including Chuck Billy and Til Lindemann.

    Also, we discuss a couple of tv series in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages and Tiger King. Tune in as we discuss the issues with housing and owner large exotic animals the lunatics who own them. We also give a quick review the movie Satanic Panic, worth it or no?

    And finally is it worth it to be a podcaster with the over saturation of material out there? Find out if Neko and I believe the pros outweigh the cons in terms of keeping the metal scene alive. Many thanks to Vlad, Inverse, Qabar, Horror Pain, Angel PR, and Xeno for selected tracks in this episode.

    Special thanks as always to Sky Nielsen and Chris Grant & Kelli Grant of Metal O Mania for their continued support of the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast.

    Anthrax- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Wolf- The Raven
    Metalium- Testimony of Doom
    3000 AD- Cells
    Sanctuary- The World is Wired
    Endless Forms Most Gruesome- The Watchers
    Witchtrap- Death to False Metal
    Dopelord- Hail Satan
    Soliloquium- The Discarded
    Weed Demon- The Elder Tree Pyre
    Abrahma- Omens Pt 2
    Serpent Cobra- Serpent Eyes
    Lucifer- Leather Demon
    Shout- Live Free
    Alice Cooper- Poison
    Faith No More- Last Cup of Sorrow
    Trauma- Astral Misanthropy
    Hornwood Fell- The Joyous Defunct
    Imperial Savagry- Kiloton Crucifix Detonation
    Past the Fall- Above the Negative
    Kataklysm- Outsider
    Godflayer- The Shape
    Corrosive- War is my Inspiration
    Psyanide- Premonition
    Savage Annihilation- When Satan Rules His World
    "Corona virus? Well then stop drinking Corona beer! DUH!"-AOC

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