In episode 75 i review documentaries for "In Search of Darkness: Journey into 80's iconic horror" and "Boiled Angels" which centers around the only animated cartoonist to ever be imprisoned for obscenity.

Also in this episode what happened to MTV? Why did they eventually fall and collapse after initially being trendsetters in the world of music and television? And just off the horizon is "Happy Happy Joy Joy: The story of Ren and Stimpy" which is set to release soon.

Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Curtain Call Records, Music Records, and Angels PR for selected tracks this week.

Excommunicated- Body Count (Morgoth Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Necrophagia- Harvest Ritual
Writhing- Void of Derision
Festerdecay- Stench of Decay
Cardiac Arrest- A Call for Violence
Obstruktor- Wrong Hands
Deathcraeft- Spreading Lies
Slytherin- Sword of Grffyindor
Perverse Rites- Black Devastation
Black Communion- Sinister Evocation of the Black Lord
M99- Dont Tempt Me
Orbiter- Peace and Rockets
Yes- Survival
Black n Blue- I Want it All (I Want it Now)
David Lee Roth- Goin Crazy
Sin7- Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins Cover)
Disavowed- The Process of Comprehension
Question- A Fate Worse Than Death
Temple of Dread- Commands from a Black Soul
Cyber Strike- Shape Shifter
Night in Gales- Beast Leave Tombs Again
Mnemic- Mechanical Spin Phenomenon
Sangheilis- Until the End
Judicator- Strange to the World
Crash Syndrom- Fascinations