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Thread: Dj Anubis (Northman) back on the air

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    In Neko's return we give a quick review of her time away as well as our relaxing and chill night out checking out Blackwater Holylight out of Portland, Oregon.

    I give my review of the werewolf movie from 2020 called "The Wolf of Snow Hollow". Was it decent? Did i feel that the material was original and did the werewolf look good? Things that make you say hmmmmm.

    And finally, back into our Retro Dvd Movie Vault selection i choose 2013's "Metalhead" which i had been wanting to really talk about a lot since first seeing it a while back. What did Neko think of it? Tune in to find out as we break it down from top to bottom.

    Special thanks to Tarja Promotions, The Metallist PR, Curtain Call Records, Vlad, Grand Sound Promotions, and Against PR for selected tracks this week.

    Fozzy- Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover)
    DJ Anubis-
    Sphere- The Age of Contempt
    Misery Index- Conspiracy of None
    Whoresnation- Sunburnt to Death
    High Command- Merciless Steel
    Axegressor- The Only Reward
    Skeleton Pit- Terror Tentacle
    Intolerance- Death Before Slavery
    Sacrilega- Sacrament of the Void
    Jungle Rot- Population Suicide
    Sepsiss- Yesterday Isnt Me (Request)
    Noctiferia- Eurovision
    Carson- Dirty Dream Maker
    Primus- Erin on the Side of Caution
    Somali Yacht Club- Pulsar
    Makes My Blood Dance- Together Apart
    Iron Maiden- Wildest Dreams
    Evergrey- Midwinter Calls
    Satans Host- From the Dark
    Hild- Thogn
    Medieval Demon- Black Coven
    Burian- Limbo Dell Esistenza
    Demiricous- Terminal Future
    Ancesthor- Motionless Surface
    Road Mutant- From the Dirt

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