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Thread: Dj Anubis (Northman) back on the air

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    In this episode Noobs begins his solo tour for the podcast as Neko is back out at sea but staying in touch. Also, the Metal Tavern Radio website is now up and running and hitting the ground running!

    I talk a little about the upcoming Blade Runner series that will be debuting on Amazon as well discuss why its a good thing and a bad thing. Also, the director of Waynes World shares her thoughts on casting Rob Lowe in the movie after his controversial home video scandal. Is it always a good idea to try and ruin people or do we also need a sense of forgiveness and redemption?

    Finally i talk about a great documentary on Tubi called "The Acid King: The Rise of the Satanic Panic" where i discuss how the panic started, who it involved, and why it happened.

    Special thanks to Against PR, Grand Sounds Promotion, and Inverse Records for selected tracks this week.

    The Black Moriah- Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust (Darkthrone Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Slaughter- Tyrant of Hell
    Deathrow- Satan's Gift
    Sanctuary- Sanctuary
    Amorphis- Windmane
    Hearse- Whispers of Sorrow
    Vanaheim- Onbevangen
    Blazemth- The Return of Lucifer
    Swordmaster- Upon Blood and Ashes
    The Mist from the Mountains- A Paean to Fire
    Hellfox- Our Lady of Sorrows
    Rough Grind- Dreamchaser
    Steve Vai- Avalanche
    Kissin Dynamite- What Goes Up
    Greyhawk- Call of the Hawk
    Thunder Rising- Rock from the Sky
    Ashes- Live and Fight
    Leather Nunn- Leather Nunn
    The Ferryman- City of Hate
    Napalm Death- Resentment Always Simmers
    Worm Shepherd- Chalice of Rebirth
    Basatan- Inhuman Phenomonon
    Once Human- We Ride (Strapping Young Lad Cover)
    Tombstone Blue- Forever Burn
    Nervochaos- All Colors of Darkness

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    While i do not talk about entertainment topics i do break down the bands a bit and have some random points of view but its mainly just to bring some great rock music to you all. Enjoy!

    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Volbeat- Sorry Sack of Bones
    My Diligence- Serpentine
    311- Prisoner
    Orbiter- Peace and Rockets
    Jonathan Davis- Please Tell Me
    Beck- Morning
    Stonewall Noise Orchestra- Satanic Love Affair
    Black Mountain- Pretty Little Lazies
    Lion Shepherd- Toxic
    Heart- Barracuda
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- Dont Come Around Here No More
    Boston- More Than a Feeling
    Motley Crue- Too Young to Fall in Love
    Van Halen- Running With the Devil
    Savatage- Beyond the Doors of the Dark
    Autograph- Turn Up the Radio
    Steeler- Cold Day in Hell
    W.A.S.P.- The Torture Never Stops
    Guiffria- Call to Your Heart
    Red Dragon Cartel- Havana
    Ozzy Osbourne- Miracle Man
    Ratt- In Your Direction
    Ugly Kid Joe- Everything About You
    AC/DC- Thunderstruck
    Joe Walsh- The Confessor
    Styx- Come Sail Away
    Blackwater Holylight- Sunrise
    Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
    Doobie Brothers- Black Water
    The Black Heart Death Cult- Seven Gods
    Junius- March of the Samsara
    Pyogenesis- A Kingdom to Disappear
    L7- Pretend We're Dead
    Rendezvous Point- Digital Waste
    The Kundalini Genie- Its All in Your Head
    Spotlights- The Age of Decay

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    In this weeks episode i wrap up reviews for the Boba Fett and Peacemaker series finales. How did both series fare in the end? Were they worth it overall?

    Also i revisit a film that i had initially only seen the last 10 minutes of but after seeing how the movie has become a cult classic i chose to go and watch the whole thing, get the lowdown of my thoughts about 2000's "Cherry Falls" starring the late Brittany Murphy.

    And finally i went out the theaters to catch the latest extravaganza in the Jackass movie series "Jackass Forever". Did Knoxville and the boys bring anything new to the table or was it just a rehash of stunts and pranks already done?

    Special thanks to Dr Music Records, Curtain Call Records, Atomic Stuff Promotions, Skyfire Promotions, Music Records, Hardlife Promotions, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week.

    Shatter- When Satan Rules his World (Deicide Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    The Last of Lucy- Ritual of the Abraxas
    Abrasive- Reborn
    The Neologist- Sentinels
    Immolation- Broken Prey
    Corpsegrinder- On Wings of Carnage
    Mesentery- To Be the Odd One Out
    Kreator- Hate Uber Alles
    Annihilator- Army of One
    Schizophrenia- Inside the Walls of Madness
    District 13- Forever This Way
    The Loyal Cheaters- No Saturday Nites
    No Quarter- Shine On
    Targa- Witchfinder
    Superfecta- Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin Cover)
    Exopulse- Riot Silent
    Nightrage- Shadows Embrace Me
    Aeveris- Segregating the Wicked
    Beyond the Styx- Collateral
    Pure Wrath- Footprints of the Lost Child
    Nokturnal Mortum- Lunar Poetry
    Watain- The Howling
    Foscor- Misofonia
    Star One- Presceint
    White Tower- Leather Empress

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    In this episode Anubis gives an update to the Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood saga and whether or not Manson might have a defense. Also, i give series reviews for two Netflix series in "All of Us Are Dead" and "Vikings: Valhalla".

    One series has a Train to Busan/Resident Evil/Dawn of the Dead vibe and the other is a continuation of the History channel's Vikings series that starred Travis Fimmel only 100 years after. And finally i talk a little about the long runner tv series "NCIS" starring Mark Harmon on CBS and how it continues to change with its cast lineup.

    Special thanks to Inverse Records, Horror Pain, Angels PR, Curtain Call Records, Hardlife Promotion, Music Records, Grand Sounds Promotion, and Against PR for selected tracks this week.

    Insineratehymn- Bitter Loss (Entombed Cover)
    DJ Anubis
    Vvorse- Kenen Valta
    Mjod- Stardust Mead
    Shub Niggurath- Abominations of Ancient Gods
    Zeal & Ardor- Emersion
    Allegaeon- Of Beasts and Worms
    Tombstone Blue- Exile
    Stricken- Consuming Misery
    Evoken- Chime the Centuries End
    Void Odyssey- Reefer Rites
    Sinister King- Still Here
    Sirens Bay- Laguz
    Ashbury- Madman
    Gypsy Railhead- Burn Em Alive
    Scorpions- Call of the Wild
    Messer- Hope in This World
    Catalyst- Fear Well
    Omnioid- Necrostatic Consciousness
    My Own Fear- Ghosts on the Warpath
    Shape of Despair- Solitary Downfall
    Virgins of the Seven Seas- Mutter Doom
    Sullen Guest- Come With Me
    Vendetta- Accidental Monster
    Hammerfall- No Mercy
    Martyr- Demon Hammer

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    In this episode Noobs goes on a semi rant regarding the sentencing of actor Jussie Smollett for creating a fake hoax hate crime. But it may not be the kind of rant you were expecting.

    I do a movie review of a couple of older movies the last couple of years that i finally caught in "Independence Day: Resurgence" and "Terminator: Dark Fate". Do these movies add anything to their franchises or are they victims of continuing to bleed blood from a stone?

    I also do a review of "Rerouni Keneshin: The Beginning" so find out what makes this surprising samurai film so good and how it leads to 4 other films in the series.

    Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, Angels PR, Against PR, Inverse Records, Curtain Call Records, Markus Eck and Metal Message, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week.

    Leo Moracchioli- Burn the Witch (Radiohead Cover)
    DJ Anubis-
    Violet Cold- Mokita
    Coldworld- Becha
    Agonic Tormentor- Nuclear Revenge
    Carnage of Children- The Divine Right Hand
    Redreigner- Myst
    Devils Force- Watchers of the Holy Night
    Encoffination- Gloriously Decomposed
    Hath- Lithopaedic
    Deserted Fear- The One Desire
    Nord- Left Behind
    Ghost Toast- Reaper Man
    Factory of Art- Streets of Violence
    Tapper & Bridge- You Keep Me Hanging
    Uncured- Living Like Im Dead
    King Satan- The Pagan Satan
    Crowbar- Denial of the Truth
    Vio-lence- Flesh from Bone
    Sieges Even - Apocalypitic Disposition
    Gorefest- From Ignorance to Oblivion
    Polluted Inheritance- Eaten
    Cultic- Beseech the Olden Throne
    Gloson- Impetus
    Midnight- In Sinful Secrecy
    Tombstone Blue- Home

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    In this episode i talk a little March Madness and say goodbye to Akira Takarada who was a part of the very first Godzilla film.

    I do a review for the movie "The Seed" now streaming on Shudder so find out if i think its worth a viewing. I also talk about an article regarding the age of influence and whether or not we should revert back to the "slacker" generation.

    And finally i review the "Blade Runner: Black Lotus" series now on HBO Max and gush about how great it is aside from a couple of issues.

    Special thanks to Against PR, Horror Pain, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records, Curtain Call Records, Vlad, Qabar PR, Markus Eck of Metal Message and Hardlife Promotions for selected tracks this week.

    Dead Chasm- Slumber (Nirvana 2002 Cover)
    DJ Anubis
    Rise of Kronos- Cycles
    Fright- Hands Claw Open Eyes
    Downcross- Trumpets Salute the Demise of Death
    Kuoleman Galleria- Toivomuskaivo
    Airacobra- Midwestern Steel
    Olde Throne- A Dying Land
    Wombbath- Where We Dwell
    Infested Angel- Harmony of Drought
    Arkiak- Abode of the Deceiver
    Anything But Human- Eleanor Rigby
    Ghost- Respite on the Spitafields
    Mano De Mono- Chameleon Tongue
    Ear Danger- Blood on the Beach
    Lovecraft- The Deep Dark Slumber
    Bollverk- Ask the Angel, Listen to the Devil
    Empire De Mu- Under the Black Sun
    Stray Gods- Black Horses
    Deathhammer- Crushing the Pearly Gates
    Holy Terror- Debt of Pain
    Thrashock- Operation Red Skull
    Anacrusis- Killing My Mind
    Misanthropik Torment- Returning to the Abyss
    Bring to Bear- Rising Tide
    Rotten Tomb- Pest Winds

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    In this episode i give an update on a new Sci Fi/Horror film in the works by my favorite horror director currently Panos Cosmatos. Also give my review of the new animated movie "The Spine of Night" on Shudder featuring voices by Lucy Lawless and Patton Oswalt.

    I dive back into a discussion about sharks and whether or not they see humans as prey. I support my viewpoint with a recent article on which debunks the myth that humans are "mistaken identity" when it comes to being attacked.

    And finally, i give a snippet of an interview done on GibsonTV where host Matt Mongomery (Rob Zombie) sits down and talks with Don Dokken and Robert England about the soundtrack for "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" but their collaboration for the video for the song.

    Special thanks to Everlasting Spew Records, Vlad, Against PR, Hardlife Promotions, Inverse Records, Bad Dog Promotions, and Markus Eck of Metal Message.

    Hyperia- Gimme Gimme Gimme (Abba Cover)
    DJ Anubis
    No/Mas- Exile
    Assumption- Submerged by Hadean Tides
    Razorrape- Skinned Deep Organ Incision
    Extinction A.D.- Praise the Fraud
    Chemical Annihilation- Why Die
    Werewolves- I Hate Therefore I Am
    Al-Namrood- Protector of the Herd
    Dark Funeral- Nightfall
    Agathodaimon- Wolf Within
    Even Flow- Aleichem Shalom
    Kryptograf- The Eldorado Spell
    Muddy Moonshine- Crystal Riders
    Xavier Boscher- Compass on Argonauts Ship
    Dog Fashion Disco- Black Omens
    Animals as Leaders- Gestaltzerfall
    Gutrectomy- Slaves to Greed
    Splattered- Repugnant Virtuosity
    Rotting Kingdom- The Road of Grief and Ashes
    Dark Secret- Extremist
    Celtic Hills- Green Forest
    Sabaton- Race to the Sea
    Cloven Hoof- Liquidator
    Iron Mountain- Necronomicon
    The Sluagh- Hemispheres

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    In this episode Noobs talks a little about the 10 most influential horror directors in the last 15 years. Do i have any that make the list? Also, i give my input on episode one of "Moon Knight" now streaming on Disney+.

    I also give my opinion on season one of "Wu Assassins" on Netflix starring Iko Uwais, Katheryn WInnick, and Byron Mann. Is the series any good or could it actually be a lot better and why?

    And finally, you know i had to do it. I have to talk about the slap heard around the world as Noobs goes into rant mode regarding the Will Smith and Chris Rock altercation and the 2022 Oscars.

    Special thanks to Vlad, Against PR, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records, Qabar PR, Music Records, The Metallist PR, Reaction Management, Horror Pain, Curtain Call Records, and Hardlife Promotions for selected tracks this week.

    Abbath- Trapped Under Ice (Metallica Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Dead Alive- No Rest in Peace
    Hirax- Massacre of the Innocent/Kill Switch
    Elimination- Blind
    Cerebral Mist- Broken Winged Statue
    Abstracted- Between Samsara and Samadhi
    Kimaera- The Ides of March
    Desolate Shrine- Echoes in the Halls of Vanity
    Tyrannus- A Worse Reality (Qabar PR)
    Anthropovore- Ave Satani
    The Killerhertz- The Wait for Closure
    The 121's- Wired to the Moon
    Yo Brando- I Got High in Mexico
    Bomber- Black Pants Magic
    Core- Who We Are
    Leo Moracchioli- Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve Cover)
    Ande- Diligence
    Mystifier- Death Beyond Holy Creation
    Lucifer's Child- Enter the Eternal Fire
    Necrom- Walls Have Hands
    Troglodyte- Whats Easting You
    Horrid Sight- Dark Hallucination
    False Church- Serotonin
    Aeveris- Shapeless
    Sevensins- Born to Die

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    In this episode i update some news bits on a "Interview with a Vampire" series, Daredevil Season 4 as well as discuss why Vigilante from the Peacemaker deserves his own spinoff series.

    I also give a quick update on the NCAA National Championship game between Kansas and North Carolina that started out as a snoozefest but became one of the greatest championship games ever. I began watching the show "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner and was totally into it until i wasnt. Find out why.

    And i caught an amazing documentary called "We Are X" which talks about the Japanese band X-Japan and their history of being one of the most underrated bands to ever his the scene but never break into the mainstream like they should have.

    Special thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion, The Metallist PR, Vlad, Skyfire Promotions, Qabar PR, Atomic Stuff, Markus Eck and Metal Message, and Against PR for selected tracks this week.

    October Noir- Crimson & Clover (Tommy James & The Shondells Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Meshuggah- Armies of the Preposterous
    Andromida- Terrene Hunter
    Satan- From Second Sight
    The Scum- Winds of the End
    Dragonbreed- The World Beyond
    Cancer- Witch Hunt
    Old Skull- The Cult of the Old Skull
    Centinex- Tremble in Fear
    Paganizer- Viking Hammer
    ObsElite- Glitch
    The Autumn Killers- Social Animals
    Stone House on Fire- Waterfall
    Reckless- Countach
    Naxatras- The Battle of Crystal Fields
    Wolf- Rasputin
    Accusator- Cease to Exist
    Destruction- Servant of the Beast
    Evil Invaders- The Circle
    Kampfar- Lausdans Under Stjernene
    Ash of Ashes- Southbound
    Rimthurs- Rok
    Purgatory- We Where Forced Astay
    Magefa- Back to the Front
    No/Mas- Interrogation

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    In this episode i give an update to the WIll Smith and Chris Rock saga and the punishment handed out to Smith. Was it too much or not enough, the debate on the internet rages on regarding it.

    I check out the movie "Metal Lords" on Netflix, was it as good as advertised or did it miss the mark? I also give my review of "The Lost City" starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. And finally, i give my review and opinion on the first two episodes of "Cursed Films" season 2 now streaming on Shudder.

    Special thanks to Vlad, Inverse Records, Scarlet Records, Qabar PR, Curtain Call Records, and Against PR for selected tracks this week.

    Ehfar- Deadhead (Devin Townsend Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Chemicide- Lunar Eternity
    Sickoticks- Blood Dose
    Enforced- Trespasser
    Light Beneath- Beneath Water
    Black Crucifixion- Throneburner
    Hifiklub Split- Make Up
    Heidra- Retibutions Dawn
    Golgothan Remains- Veneration of Carnal Blasphemy
    Thy Kingdom Will Burn- Nothing Remains
    Jonathan Davis- Elex
    ScarCrow- Hell or Hight Water
    Peth- Stoned Wizard
    Nekrogoblikon- Right Now
    Joe Satriani- Dance of the Spores
    XSkull8- A Minute 4 Tomorrow
    Petur Ben- Svarthamar
    Nocrul- Torturous Living Death
    Swazond- Blistered Obstructions
    Depressed Mode- Death Walks Among Us
    Azaab- A Hollow Pact
    Cabal- Past Sins
    Virgin Idol- Dont Touch the Flame
    Arcanaxxii- Sacrifice
    Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark

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    In episode #165 i give my review of "Pacific Rim: The Black" season 2 and how it fairs against the live action movies in which im not all that crazy about.

    I get a recommendation to watch a movie called "Titanic 666" from one of fans so tune in to check out my thoughts on this Tubi original. I also went out to see "The Northman" starring Alexander Skarsgard and Anya Taylor-Joy. Was this an epic masterpiece like some of the other pieces of work by director Robert Eggers? We shall see.

    And finally i give an update on my favorite albums of 2022 so far. We are only halfway through the year but my list is growing.

    Special thanks to Bad Dog Promotions, Everlasting Spew Records, Grand Sound Promotions, Against PR, The Metallist PR, Horror Pain, Carcosa PR, and Vlad for selected tracks this week.

    Organ Trail- Bout Had it (Flesh Parade Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Mortal Hatred- Traditional Godzilla Violence
    Analepsy- Impending Subversion
    Blind Salvation- Silence the Scream
    The Troops of Doom- Necromancer (Sepultura Cover)
    Ice Age- Instant Justice
    Traitor- Baptized in Fre
    Pharmacist- Accelerating Suppuration
    Abated Mass of Flesh- Throes of Depravation
    Disembodied- Digested by the Mind
    Devin Townsend- Earth Day (Request)
    Backbone- Captagon
    Nightstalker- Go Get Some
    Rock Goddess- Satisfied then Crucified
    Alunah- Fade Into Fantasy
    Semblant- Neverending Fall
    Tassi- Star Palace
    Grand Celestial Nightmare- A Throne in the City of the Dead
    Drunemeton- Lord of the Grave
    Lurking- Visions of Certain Death
    Stratuz- Morning Star
    They Burn as One- This is Resurrection
    Managarm- The Wolfheart
    The Chapter- Book of Life
    Rivers Ablaze- Vortex

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    In this episode we dont spend a lot of time on various topics but we do catch up with our good friend Edgar Allen Poet as we breakdown the first round of the NFL draft by predicting which team takes whom and why. We also debate a little about the ongoing comparison between LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the best ever.

    In the other main topic of this weeks episode Noobs sounds off on the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp saga and why i feel its important that the outcome go in Depp's favor and why. As the trial continues to go on more and more things unravel and show why its not only women who are victims of domestic abuse.

    Special thanks to Against PR, VR Finland, The Metallist PR, Skyfire Promotions, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week.

    Kraanium- Kill the Christian (Deicide Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Corpsessed- Relentless Entropy
    Putrified J- Driven by Hunger
    Resurrection- Rage Within
    Morbid Cross- Prized Possession
    Crisix- Full HD
    Num Skull- Friday's Child
    No/Mas- Manipulate/Consume
    Existential Dissipation- Cadaveric Adoration
    Lucid Conformity- Escape the Construct
    Axel Rudi Pell- No Compromise
    Vuola- Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity
    Twin Void- Hellcat
    DeVicious- Afterlife
    The Same River- The Oath of a Fire Bringer
    Pressure- Barb Wire Love
    Freja- Dusk
    Grand Belial's Key- The Door is Marked with Sheep's Blood
    Archgoat- Crown Cloaked with Death
    Helioss- Contre Ma Lumiere
    Optical Delusion- Raigeki
    Impetuous Rage- Let Us Fall in Temptation
    Deteriorate- Cannibal Autopsy
    Morgoth- Travel
    Purgatory- Accused, Sentenced, and Buried Alive

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    In this episode i finally break down season one of "Moon Knight" and talk about the pros and cons of the Disney+ series. Ive discussed the over saturation of Marvel movies and series, has my mind changed at all?

    I also complete season four of "Yellowstone" starring Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser. I had a pause in the series due to some of the script writing but have managed to work through it so i break down why this series is so damn good and why i couldnt work through the "Sons of Anarchy" series.

    I also went to see "Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness" so find out my thoughts on the latest in the Marvel Universe.

    Special thanks to My Kingdom Music, Markus Eck of Metal Message, Inverse Records, Grand Sound Promotions, Qabar PR, Vlad, Scarlet Records, and Everlasting Spew Records for selected tracks this week.

    Antiquus Scriptum- Thousand Lakes (Amorphis Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Death Angel- Voracious Souls
    Forced Entry- Morgulon
    Xentrix- Questions
    Dreariness- Drain
    Septic Flesh- Annubis
    Mute Prophet- Bleed Forever
    Bloodred- Neon Gods
    Extinction in Progress- Cold Pt I The Queen
    Helsott- Independent Night
    Melvins- Spoonman
    Slowtorch- Book of the Dead
    Overlord SR- The Power of Metal
    Cobrakill- Deathstalker
    Kirk Hammett- High Plains Drifter
    Sole Syndicate- Forsaken
    Instigate- Witness of the End Times
    Deathcrush- Beheading Jehovah Prophet
    Flayed Disciple- The Dark Other
    Nocturnal Depression- Return to Home Asylum
    Dimmu Borgir- Spellbound (by the Devil)
    Volus- Traverse the Arkhanspire
    Miseration- Fed by Fire/Led By Blood
    Bludgeoned- Acts of Swine
    Vital Remains- Malevolent Invocation

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    Once again the guys from No/Mas join me in the Tavern to talk about their newest release "Consume/Deny/Repent as well as get into all kinds of trouble while downing some food and good beer.

    Many thanks to the band for taking the time to do this interview as it was a blast as usual.

    No Mas- **** You
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    No/Mas- Manipulate/Consume
    No/Mas- Sin Verguenza
    No/Mas- Exile
    No/Mas- I
    No/Mas- Raiz Del Mal
    No/Mas- Vulnerable
    No/Mas- Interrogation
    No/Mas- Sudor Frio
    No/Mas- Mal De Ojo
    No/Mas- Vicim of Circumstance
    No/Mas- Bloodwork
    No/Mas- VI
    No/Mas- Arson/Repent
    No/Mas- Ceigo
    No/Mas- Ausencia De Luz
    No/Mas- La Muerte No Tiene Edad
    No/Mas- Vanity
    No/Mas- Verbal Abuse
    No/Mas- Refugio
    No/Mas- Deny/Disgrace
    No/Mas- Against My Will
    No/Mas- Dwell
    No/Mas- Burden
    No/Mas- Claustrophobia
    No/Mas- Rabia
    No/Mas- Police Brutality
    No/Mas- Hypothermia
    Scatterbrain- Down with the Ship

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    In this episode i give a preview of some of the bands playing this year's and most likely last Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore.

    Skeletal Remains- Stench of Paradise Burning (Disincarnate Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Putrid Pile- Death Waits for No One
    Carcass- Incarnated Solvent Abuse
    Obituary- Infected
    Enforced- Blood Ribbon
    Cavalera (Sepultura)- Innerself
    Onslaught- Addicted to the Smell of Death
    Massacre- Honor the Fallen
    Divine Eve- Harlequin of Perpetual Destiny
    No/Mas- Deny/Disgrace
    Acid Witch- Cheap Gore
    The Ruins of Beverast- Gods Ensanguined Bestiaries
    Novembers Doom- Six Sides
    Demilich- When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water
    Suffocation- Infecting the Crypts
    Mortician- Zombie Apocalypse
    Coroner- Shadow of a Lost Dream
    Vio-lence- Officer Nice
    Destruction- Princess of the Night
    Imprecation- Ageless Ones of None
    Malignant Altar- Ceremonial Decapitator
    Deicide- Satan Spawn, the Caco Daemon
    Cancer- Tribal Bloodshed Pt 2
    Nocturnus AD- Aeon of the Ancient Ones
    Blood Incantation- The Giza Power Plant

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