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Thread: Dj Anubis (Northman) back on the air

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northman View Post
    On this episode i talk about tours involving King Diamond and Morbid Angel. Also new releases from Sodom and how the band Sabaton get the scare of their life.

    I also follow up a bit on the mixed reviews of the newest Joker movie as well as my thoughts on the very excellent Dark Crystal Netflix series. And finally, Fred Durst makes his attempt at movie making but apparently isnt getting any nookie from it.

    And finally, i will talk about a recent article discussing the 9 songs considered to be the first heavy metal tracks ever.

    As usual many thanks to Sky Neilsen Promotions for their very fine work as well as thanks to Mike Juliano and Grand Sounds Promotion for selected tracks from Smash Potater and Paganland.

    Grave- Them Bones (Alice in Chains Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Diaspora- Limitless
    King Diamond and Volbeat- Room 24
    Celtic Frost- Dethroned Emperor
    Legion of the Damned- Slaves of the Southern Cross
    Elvenking- Maiefica Doctrine
    Wrvth- Undertow
    Imperium Dekadenz- When We Are Forgotten
    Crimson Moon- Altars of Azrael
    Paganland- In the Heart Forever
    King Gizzard & The lizard Wizard- Venusian 2
    The Ivory Elephant- Stoneface Jamboree
    Joe Walsh- Life is Good
    Camel- The Final Encore
    Platinum Overdose- Rise Up
    Tool- 7empest
    Smash Potater- Diners, Drive Ins & Drive Bys
    Devourment- Profane Contagion
    Entombed A.D.- Torment Remains
    Zyklon- Zykloned
    Necronautical- Here Begins the Fall
    Tempestous Fall- Marble Tears
    Dragonforce- Highway to Oblivion
    Twilight Force- With the Light of a Thousand Suns
    Primal Fear- Angel in Black
    I havent heard the namr Morbid Angel since like 1990. I don't remember that CD but it was good.
    "I may not be a mathematician, but I can count to a million." - Shannon Sharpe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazam! View Post
    I havent heard the namr Morbid Angel since like 1990. I don't remember that CD but it was good.
    Around that time it would have been "Altars of Madness" their debut.

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    For a few years now DJ Neko has been involved with making Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and denim jacket pins out of bottle caps. They have done sports, comics, and yes even metal and rock related items. Lou Yardley is very familiar with what we are talking about.

    On next weeks episode of Hordes of Chaos DJ Neko and will be doing a free giveaway of one lucky winners choice of one of the above items. All you have to do is get the answer to our trivia question correct after hearing it on the podcast. The winner will be able to choose which artist/artists they would like the item to made up of.

    The trivia question posed will be a 2 parter and MUST ONLY BE ANSWERED via private message. If you answer on any of the public pages you will be disqualified. We dont care how you get the answer but the first one to PM us with the correct answer will be the winner.

    So be looking out for that on next's week Hordes of Chaos podcast which will be the return of DJ Neko.

    Below is some examples of the items the winner can choose from.

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    Those are super tasteful.

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