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  1. Paul Klee: Trevor Siemian one wild story for Denver Broncos

    An article posted on 8-29-16. Interesting in regards to Trevor's past.
  2. Nicki Jhabvala Retweeted Jeff Legwold‏Verified...

    Nicki Jhabvala Retweeted
    Jeff Legwold‏Verified account @Jeff_Legwold 1h
    Replying to @SI_PeterKing

    Will say Siemian's ability to win job w/two different staffs, two vastly different playbooks is...
  3. Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 5h ...

    Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 5h

    #Broncos Joseph "It was just getting right so not backpedaling. Trevor is the guy." @DenverChannel
  4. It's also a new offense for Trevor

    It's also a new offense for Trevor
  5. Peter King‏Verified account @SI_PeterKing As...

    Peter King‏Verified account @SI_PeterKing

    As Siemian beat out Lynch today, reminded that Cowboys were in mourning after missing out on '16 Lynch deal ... and settled for Dak.
  6. Siemian: Made the most of opportunity to win...

    Siemian: Made the most of opportunity to win starting job
    Trevor Siemian talks about improving over the offseason and competing against himself in order to win the starting job.
  7. NFL owners eliminate first roster cut-down period

    Not sure if this was ever posted, and I just heard about this a couple of days ago.

    rest -...
  8. Joseph on QB decision: Trevor was more consistent...

    Joseph on QB decision: Trevor was more consistent
    Head Coach Vance Joseph talks about what went into the team's decision to name Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback.
  9. Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account @NickiJhabvala 2m...

    Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account @NickiJhabvala 2m

    Vance Joseph: "In my opinion, we have two quarterbacks. Most teams can't say that and I truly believe that."

    Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account...
  10. VJ speaking now ...

    VJ speaking now
  11. Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account @NickiJhabvala...

    Nicki Jhabvala‏Verified account @NickiJhabvala 20m

    Major news: Sports Authority Field will sell garlic parmesan ranch fries during Broncos games this year.
  12. Jeff Legwold‏Verified account @Jeff_Legwold 1m ...

    Jeff Legwold‏Verified account @Jeff_Legwold 1m

    As we have discussed in media room at Broncos -- Siemian first QB named during solar eclipse....#newanalytics

    Jeff Legwold‏Verified account...
  13. Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 14m ...

    Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 14m

    Troy Renck Retweeted BroncosForums

    Paradis on track to start this week

    BroncosForums‏ @BroncosForums

    BroncosForums Retweeted Troy Renck
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    Just a side note. The eclipse here starts at...

    Just a side note. The eclipse here starts at 10:23, and ends at 1:14. Will be interesting to see what the media people do - will they get there before the eclipse starts, will they be driving while...
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    I decided to put this here - VJ will meet the...

    I decided to put this here - VJ will meet the press today at 1:15 MT. Guess we will see if he has made a decision on the starting QB.
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    Broncos would be crazy to start Paxton Lynch over Trevor Siemian

    rest -
  17. Jerry Jones regrets not overpaying to get Paxton Lynch

    If this would have worked out for Jones, would Romo still have been there this year,...
  18. Sticky: Broncos 49ers gameballs: Trevor Siemian gets one for showing everyone the job is his

    rest - who else got gameballs
  19. Sticky: The Broncos are not expected to have an on-field...

    The Broncos are not expected to have an on-field practice Monday, but are expected to bring the players in for meetings, treatment and weight-room work. The team's usual practice time would have been...
  20. Sticky: Trevor Siemian looks to be favorite to win Broncos job

    rest - plus video and some comments from VJ after the game
  21. Sticky: Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 8h ...

    Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 8h

    #Broncos VJ, to me, revealed hand on QB when told me it's "about performance not potential" @DenverChannel

    Troy Renck‏Verified account @TroyRenck 8h
  22. 49ers' Elvis Dumervil and Broncos' Von Miller reunited at joint practice

    I had no idea Elvis was with the 49ers. Here is a small article, and a photo of Von and Elvis together yesterday.
  23. Sorry if this has already been posted. Quick...

    Sorry if this has already been posted.

    Quick Hits from the Wednesday Broncos-49ers joint practice
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    Happy Birthday TXBRONC

    Happy Birthday - hope you have a GREAT day
  25. Happy Birthday, Broncos: Celebrating 58 Years

    On August 14, 1959, the Broncos were born

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