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  1. Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 7m7...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    7m7 minutes ago

    Troy Renck Retweeted Nicki Jhabvala

    So #Broncos @SuttonCourtland provided his version of this today. Q: How does Drew’s game help you...
  2. On now LIVE: Wednesday press conference ...

    On now

    LIVE: Wednesday press conference

    Dec 04, 2019
    Coach Fangio and quarterback Drew Lock meet the media ahead of #DENvsHOU
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    Very interesting in regards to fouls called in...

    Very interesting in regards to fouls called in last night's game -

    Nuggets - 16-17
    Lakers - 20-30

    Enough said
  4. Ron Rivera out as Carolina Panthers coach after...

    Ron Rivera out as Carolina Panthers coach after nine seasons
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    Colts QB Chad Kelly sued after allegedly assaulting Von Miller’s videographer at a Halloween party

    rest -
  6. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 5h5...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    5h5 hours ago

    Can #Broncos @DrewLock23 rev up offense in second half? And @Derek_Wolfe95's terrific season is over. He told #Denver7, "I'd hate for that...
  7. Sticky: Mike Klis ‏Verified account @MikeKlis 8h8 hours...

    Mike Klis
    ‏Verified account @MikeKlis
    8h8 hours ago

    By the way, no sacks for Bosa or Ingram. No sacks period for Chargers on Drew Lock, who moves well in pocket.
    Broncos had just three...
  8. Sticky: Mike Klis ‏Verified account @MikeKlis 1h1 hour...

    Mike Klis
    ‏Verified account @MikeKlis
    1h1 hour ago

    Rookie QB Brett Rypien is heading into Broncos headquarters to sign back with practice squad. Broncos keep their QB depth behind Drew Lock....
  9. Sticky: After the Broncos lost to Minnesota, Zach Bye &...

    After the Broncos lost to Minnesota, Zach Bye & Brandon Stokley were talking about what a difference it would make if Kubes was the Broncos OC, and they said that John wanted Kubes, and Vic spoke to...
  10. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 1h1...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    1h1 hour ago

    #Broncos @Dalton_Risner66 told story about @DrewLock23 going over plays after practice in camp. He thought was talking to himself. Lock told...
  11. Sticky: Courtland is talking now

    Courtland is talking now
  12. Sticky: Drew is talking now

    Drew is talking now
  13. Sticky: At Houston

    At Houston
  14. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 2m2...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    2m2 minutes ago

    #Broncos @Derek_Wolfe95 understandably upset bc was hurt on play that should have been blown dead. Led to dislocated left elbow. MRI...
  15. Sticky: Brandon is talking now

    Brandon is talking now
  16. Sticky: LIVE: #LACvsDEN postgame Dec 01, 2019 Coach...

    LIVE: #LACvsDEN postgame

    Dec 01, 2019
    Coach Fangio and QB Drew Lock address the media following Sunday's win over the Chargers.
  17. Sticky: :salute::elefant::elefant::elefant::elefant::elefa...

  18. Sticky: Good Brandon

    Good Brandon
  19. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 6m6...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    6m6 minutes ago

    And with Lock non-factor for two quarter now throws a pick. Not surprised had turnover. Surprised they put handcuffs on after the first...
  20. Sticky: Not too bad - Mike Klis ‏Verified account...

    Not too bad -

    Mike Klis
    ‏Verified account @MikeKlis
    5m5 minutes ago

    74,638 sold. But 19,094 no shows. #9sports
  21. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 4m4...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    4m4 minutes ago

    #Broncos @DrewLock23 is 9-for-13 for 73 yards and two TDs. He has a 122.8 QB rating. Broncos scored 14 points in first quarter. Had scored...
  22. Sticky: :salute:TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS:salute: ...

    :salute:TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS:salute:


    :salute:CONGRATS DREW - TWO TDs:salute:
  23. Sticky: :salute:TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS:salute: ...

    :salute:TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS:salute:


    :salute:CONGRATS DREW:salute:
  24. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 39s40...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    39s40 seconds ago

    Lock had an overthrow and underthrow. But shows he can keep play alive with his feet and converts another third down. #Denver7
  25. Sticky: Troy Renck ‏Verified account @TroyRenck 1m1...

    Troy Renck
    ‏Verified account @TroyRenck
    1m1 minute ago

    #Broncos @PhillyWill11 sacks Rivers. Parks will have metal removed from his left thumb on Monday. He has played with cast. And played well....
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