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    Glad you approved of the Casey Anthony crack Mr. Fish!

    Hope you're well man
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    Kind of but not really. I'd let up on the weekends. You have to have some balance imo.

    I would do a 16:8 - 20:4 fast always Monday through Friday. Ate Dinner before 8:00 PM, and then didn't eat again until somewhere between 12:00 to 2:00 the next day. So fasting for at least 16 hours.

    While I was actively trying to lose weight, I also used the MyFitnessPal app to track calories keeping my daily calories around 1800 or less.

    On the weekends, I would generally still do a 16:8 fast, but I didn't worry if my calories crept up over the weekend (within reason). And sometimes I'd have breakfast with the kiddos/family etc.

    I've kept the weight off for over two years now still continuing to basically do the same. I usually do a 16:8 fast during the week. .. .I don't track calories but I have a pretty good idea what I can get away with. I don't worry about it on the weekends, but get right back on Monday. I've staying within the same 5-6 pound range for over two years doing this.

    I have done 24 hour fasts quite a bit over that time. Especially if I know I'm having a big celebration type dinner. E.G. Thanksgiving, I fasted from Wednesday evening until Thanksgiving dinner. .. .but then I hammered that Thanksgiving dinner and pie etc. without worrying about blowing up the scale so much.

    I think you still have to keep a handle on total calories and really "type" of calories. Carbs trigger that insulin response, and stop any fat burning. That's what makes fasting work is extending the period of time without insulin in your system. If you can keep an eye on calories, stay away from carbs AND do some IF you'll turbo charge your weight loss.

    But I'd let myself live a little bit on the weekends and still do it that way. You have to be able to enjoy the good things as well.
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    Thank you for being logical. Last night sucked in every way. However how many high 1st rounds draft picks have the Browns had in the many years? This year was brutal with the injuries in top positions. I just feel like it created a major mountain to climb with OK equipment. Someone said on the radio, you can't just pick a QB and turn them into a project, it works so rare that it really doesn't work. You have to scout and find the guy with it. I bet it's at the top of Kubes to do list. He did a amazing job with this years draft, I just hope he sticks around. I think VJ has gotten better and that players are playing hard for him. Do you think he'll get fired to look like the team is "trying" to improve? IMO the worst mistake Elway has made was drafting Lynch. He missed other opportunities to protect that pick and it's biting him big time now....Have a great Sunday my friend.
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    I agree 100%. Klis said it best and it was what I've been thinking the whole time. We are too far down on the dept chart. It's really hard to win games when you start so many rookies. For pity sakes we had no CB's at one point. TB is one of worst of that group.....Thanks
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    A 100 likes!!!!
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    Thanks for the great post. I said what I was feeling. It's hard to feel positive when other seem to just want to be mad. I think we need a different Coach. The job just seems too big for him, but no one is in the wings waiting to take over, right now. I like the fire I'm seeing in some of the players. I hope Elway learns that he made a mistake with VJ and takes his ego out in the future.
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    Am I wrong about Chubb?
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    It's unclear--are there early draft rounds if you set 0, 1, 2, or 3 keepers? I set my 4, and they are fine, but I'd rather have some rookie RB maybe.
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    Not showing up in spam either. my username @gmail?
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    Send me an invite!
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