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    RE: orphan photo op.

    I realize there's a lot of pieces to that puzzle, and two sides to every story, but that photo op is out-and-out propaganda imo. That baby has no volition of its own, and both parents are gone. Some can act like making an issue of that is "fake news", and some attacks are certainly overboard, but I can't see that as anything other than taking advantage and using a baby for propaganda.

    That being said, I don't think it really worked. Probably actually back-fired on him on balance.
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    Huh. We should talk at some point. Considering my age, I'm not sure if my options for changing industries are great, but always open to investigating options! I have a good 10-15 years left in me!
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    Well enough, thanks. Hopefully you and the fam are as well. And yes, that made me laugh. He's such an obsessive dweeb, and for the dumbest causes.
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    Thank you!
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    Your point was well taken. Post deleted.
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    FYI Watt's is not that nice in person. I loved what he did for Houston after the flood. He's a amazing player. But the person......ummm not so much unless there is a camera around. It really bummed me out, I was really looking forward to meeting him in Phoenix at that Super Bowl. Afterwards I went that was no fun and he was down right rude to several really nice people around me. But we can keep that between us....LOL
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    You know I love you bro.
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    To give you a little background as to why I feel this way and why I even brought it up. My wife used to work for a company that provided in home care for people with disabilities. I was over visiting her once while she was caring for a man who had downs syndrome. One of the sweetest people I've ever met. I was talking to her about something and I felt that was stupid and of course I blurted out "well that's retarded". You could see the poor guys demeanor instantly change. He went from happy to sad and quiet really quickly. My wife ripped my butt for it and I've avoided it ever since.

    I get where you are coming from, it's a word, it only holds the meaning the context utilized assigns to it, however, me personally, I'd rather find a different word than risk causing that sort of hurt again unintentionally. Hopefully that adds some clarity to where I am coming from.
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    I'm not trying to give you a hard time, or attack you or anything of that nature. I like you man and I know you didn't mean it in a mean or offense manner. I understood the context you intended, but it isn't about context. That word, regardless of context causes a lot of hurt and pain to the individuals it is often directed towards. There are better words to use that convey the same meaning. I used to use the word a lot myself in my younger years, but I've phased it out of my vocabulary by seeing the way people with mental disabilities react to it's usage.

    Yes, the context you used it in, was not the same as using it as an insult towards someone with a mental disability, it doesn't have to be to cause hurt for those individuals. They hear that word and remember the times it was directed at them. Again, I've got no issue with you, and I wasn't offended, more just trying to make you think about it. I didn't think about it personally and used it freely because I didn't recognize the harm it caused.

    Like you said, in the context you used it in it meant foolish or stupid. Wouldn't it be easier to just say foolish or stupid rather than unintentionally causing someone pain? Just a thought, you be you and use it however you want. Just something to think about.
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    Gary's Dad became ill when we were driving WA at the end of Feb. We got home he left to TX and was there a week before he dad died. So he stayed in TX to help his Mom till the very end of May. It was rough, so many things went wrong at the house I did 12 shows out of state & went to TX for the funeral in that time and he took a leave of absence so no wages for that whole time. We are finally getting back to "normal" and back on our feet money wise.. So much better now and that's why no camp reports this year...still recovering and needed to be self fish and just get my football signed...LOL hugs.
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