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    You would think that, you really would. He's been on ignore for well over a year. The problem is....I have a bad habit of hitting "view post" which makes the ignore feature basically useless when you do that.
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    Sorry you had to clean that up....I swear I've been trying hard for the last year lol....I just gotta learn not to talk to Joe ever on general principal.
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    You, and NTL before he left, love to admonish me publicly, say things like "you're as bad as Wave" publicly, which is wrong both to me and to Wave, and publicly trashing people isn't necessary to make points. You say I'm just as guilty, I've said as much, such as in the thread you guys chose to delete, when some of us WERE talking about how to clean it up and only a few, like TJR and MO were using it to start fights with elevate comments. I will make a mile sarcastic comment now and then, big ******* deal. Have you read BT? Do you really want to make the case I'm the only one that makes a mild sarcastic comment now and then? Do I call people mother ******s, dicks, tell them to **** off, talk about them cumming over people's speeches, or any other shit like that. Do I? Show me. Don't both, because you won't find it. I left P&R for about 9 months after NTL threw his fit publicly and you guys were ready to shut it down when I wasn't there, so let's not get too far off the reservation with me being the problem.

    Anyway, I have too much respect for you and I know this is a thankless job, so I'll leave it at that, and apologize for my f-bombs. it's frustration coming out, because whether you realize it or not, I have worked very hard to keep my posts on topic and ignore 95% of the barbs thrown my way, but I do need an explanation for the education system CYP. Multiple times I've started to PM Davii about it and stopped. Let me know if you want to bring it up to him/mods, or if I should PM him. That really irks me, because it wasn't an attack. Nothing close to an attack, and I shouldn't have that sitting over my head as a "pattern" leading to removal from politics.
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    I did not ignore Turf. I quoted the two things where they took shots at me and asked him about those. Let's be clear, that was after MO called me a dick and gave a profanity filled rant at me, similar to yours, but he isn't a ******* mod. The others piled on. I've taken responsibility. I've tried several times to get community discussions going about us taking responsibility for cleaning it up ourselves, and last time you guys delete the thread. How ridiculous is that. Now you are content police and decide when to simply delete a thread. There was NOTHING about my thread that broke the rules and it was deleted. On the infraction three months ago. I didn't both Davii with it, because he was dealing with his wife's illness, but that was wrong. Tell me why that CYP from three months ago was given. I did not attack Buff. We were talking about the education system and when he pointed made a comment about popular vote/electoral college, I pointed out the electoral college had worked exactly like it was supposed to and said speaking about the education system, which was NOT A ******* ATTACK it was related to the comments a page or two earlier where we were talking about the impact of liberalization in the education system, who obviously don't teach the foundational reasons of the electoral college. That was total BS. Maybe a mod got confused and made a mistake. Fine, live up to it and reverse it, so I'm not sitting worried about the next time a mod will get confused.
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    I'm pretty sure others can see visitor messages when visiting our profiles, so this isn't the appropriate medium. Look at the two CYPs I've gotten. Total BS. I don't care if we have tight moderation or NO moderation, I just want it consistent. YOU go look at my posts. Do a search and see how often I antagonize people. Search with my name as the subject and see how often it happens to me. I just want to have ******* conversations and don't like the ******* unkown of whether MO, NTL or Buff is going to report an innocent post and then a mod that's had a bad day is going to give me a CYP and use it as an excuse to ban me from politics, which is about all I enjoy, because I'm sick of being publicly yelled at by mods in ******* game day threads. All I'm asking for is to know what your ******* yardstick is. Apply it the same 100% and I'm ******* good and can live with ANY rule. Beef can't get LOL's for calling King a Bengals fan and I get publicly ripped, and then have it CONTINUE after I said, OK, I'll drop it. Fine, I lost the ******* game day threads, but don't ******* take politics away from me too and NOT KNOW what you guys will ******* react to and therefore post on ******* egg shells. Sorry for the ******* F-bombs, but I'm also sick of being called out and cursed at in public. By the way, it was MO and Joe that got into it earlier in the day, not ******* me, that led Joe to post in frustration that we should just shut it down. The dumb ******s (NTL, MO, Buff, Wave and TJR) are un ******* able to disagree on a topic without throwing tantrums and attacking others. It's ******* getting old not knowing what you guys are going to react to. I'm fine with you reacting to nothing, just be ******* consistent in and out of politics.
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    Yeah, i know. It saddens me that is like that, but it angers me more when I see men justifying it.
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    It's scary that he thinks like that. I didn't respond to his bullshit about her deserving to be raped because I was just going to go off.
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    Gem, what is the ****** mean (your response to my crude remark in Random thoughts thread). just curious, no big deal
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    Most likely. Lol
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