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    I don't have any problems with you man regardless. We are cool.
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    While we can all try to be the best of ourselves it is not really that possible for the most part. We are imperfect beings and its hard at times to truly communicate the things we say over the interwebz. At the end of the day no matter what heated arguments we all get in we have to remember that there are more important things in life (you son for instance) that we should be overly concerned with. I know for a fact that despite our disagreements that i would have zero problems having a beer or a milkshake together. We can even share straws.
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    Well, it looks like they locked the thread so i couldnt respond to you in there. I will get back to you through PM later on unless you just want to cut the discussion loose.
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    You're my boy Frey!
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    No sir. Not those two. One of them was well before your time.
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    No harm no foul !
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    Of course she does.
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    Ask and ye shall receive.... lol
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    Danka, bud!
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    Lmao, you take this board WAY to serious dude. But if you want to ignore me go right ahead. Dilly Dilly
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