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    Hey - how are things going with you? I know you moved and started a new job - just hoping all is going well for you and the family!
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    Just go with the ignore feature, makes it a bit easier.
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    Chiefs are next week? **** me, we're getting beat the **** up.
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    You aren't going anywhere, you always say that and then don't. Don't be silly.
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    Thanks! I get the frustration. Dipshit Broncos!
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    fair enough.
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    I get where you're coming from. I have a nephew with downs and a very close friend's son has it as well. I just don't view communication that way. I would apologize to that man that people have treated him poorly to the point he finds the usage of a word distressing, especially when not used in reference to him. I get why he's upset by it, that doesn't mean he's correct in his feelings. It would be no different than a gay man getting offended everytime someone in England used the word "fag" asking for a cigarette. I get that the word CAN be offensive but if someone is unable to determine context and nuance in communications they're going to make life harder.
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    Did you see him go off on me when I showed advanced deep ball stats on Keenum? Top basically said it didn't matter because he had a youtube clip of a few deep balls being completed, and that his eyes are the ones worth trusting. That's after him erroneously saying I had no facts for my arguments, time and time again, from thread to thread. He's ridiculous.
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    He's a horrible human being, a fake victim, a sophist, a whiner, a liar! I...I don't care for him.
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    Reread the post and what the education was referring to. Then read my response to DB where I explicitly state I wasn’t referring to a degree. If I’m going to take a dig I’m blunt.
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