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    Exactly right!
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    nope. Sounds like a baller tho.
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    I called you an idiot for the offensive crack about having you banned for not agreeing with you. That's highly offensive, because it implies I have done that before, which is not the case. I never asked you to apologize, so that statement is asinine. I told you to go **** yourself when you insinuated I ban people that disagree with me. That was an offensive and idiotic statement.
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    Really, not making it personal? Your comment about having the mods ban you? That's offensive, Frey. I have never had the mods ban anyone. I am never in ban conversations or votes, and this "Tned" account doesn't even have access to the mod forums. I have to login with a seperate account, Tned-Admin, which I don't do unless they need me for something in terms of a site/administration problem.
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    Frey, go **** yourself. What is this BS? "I dunno, I guess talk to the mods and get me banned if I'm so out of line." Idiot.
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    They only ban liberals, they're full of shit, they don't care when anyone who isn't conservative gets blasted, and it's the same bullshit all the time.

    This is what needs to happen, Frey. Chaz has my contact info if you want it.
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    As I've recently learned through P&R the stuff that gets talked about on here isn't worth getting upset about. I don't really need to try to persuade anyone to agree with me because chances are I won't change their mind anyway.
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    It's ******* annoying as shit and makes me not want to read the bullshit here. I love football and i don't desire sticking around the negativity.
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    I'm not trying to bait you! The only bate I did tonight was on pornhub.
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