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    I'm kind of in limbo: partially in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky all at once.
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    Look man, I really respect you. I actually care what you think about me; that's more than what I can say about most people. So I wasn't trying to shit on you, or offend anyone. To your point, it's a common critique; it was meant more along the lines of a "well that actor isn't that good because he mostly plays himself in each role," 'this is the basic criticism type of way. Looking back at it now, it probably wasn't the best way to crack a joke. And while I think an occasional P and R comment is okay because that's how the world kind of operates, not the greatest idea. That criticism of M.T. isn't as benign as the classic "Al Gore's internet," or "NEW-CLEEAR," reference to President Bush.

    Regarding Hitchens, I am sure that he wrote that book. I am only familiar with the studies and scholarship regarding the care M.T. provided. For reference, I only watch stuff (trash) like Cable News when something awful has happened or election night. I'm a boring ass C-SPAN guy. I still read newspapers and try to be eclectic. I actually was kind of hurt about the Hitchens remark until i better understood the context. Now I get it that it wasn't a dig. To be honest, I detest Hitchens and while this won't be a nice thing to say, I think the world is better off without him, albeit I wished he hadn't gone out the way that he did. He was a spiteful, hateful, arrogant, elitist little creature of a man and he hated people with differing opinions than his. I try to steer away from iconoclasts, and that's what I consider him to be. Even if they are really smart. I put him in the Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, cult of personality group.
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    I've never read Hitchens; I thought he was a bully and a mean spirited person. Whatever argument he made I could probably find from a less hateful source. I'm sure he had a lot to say about M.T.; I'm also sure the odds of me ever reading his arguments about her are only slightly greater than zero. It's like Jordan Peterson: most of what he says is outside his speciality and demonstrably false, but sometimes he's right or has a point. Even then, it's easy to find a better source of the argument, especially in these polarized times. But I digress.

    It was just an off-color joke and response to something Jaded said. If you're referring to my gripes with J-Ham we could both go through a riveting compare-and-contrast but that's not really worth the energy. I'm sure we could do the exact same thing with whatever comparison about whatever posts I took issue with, too. I'd be willing bet that the comps wouldn't favor you, but you'd be willing to bet otherwise, so it'd be fruitless. I sure hope you're not referencing the poster who was leaving vile MHS's and attacking people's families, though. Because then I'd have to go ham. I'm sincerely sorry you were offended; I'll delete the post.
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    What I said was based in fact and is well documented, so....gratz on the win and I still love you. <3
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    I appreciate your measured form of civility the older I get. And I especially appreciate it given how much you showed me during my younger and more, animated years. I was thinking about that the other day; that interaction between myself and another poster made me think of it again, and then you showed up. <3
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    You didn't. It was mostly an accumulation of one particular poster and then pointed jabs that came from various people when they were mad at me. The latter sometimes being when anger was justified. It just sort of hit a critical mass. And that's okay. The optics were horrible, right? Same thing for the L.A. teams. But as a guy who roots for the Dodgers and Lakers, and who cheers on the Rams as his NFC team, I wish I lived in L.A. I tried to get out on the west coast but that didn't pan out. Another one of my many failures, but I digress.

    This place is still my message board home.
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    Hope you're hanging in there.
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    How on earth do you high-five this post?

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    Yeah, they were a little bit. Sorry buddy. I guess I'm just frustrated with what seems so obvious to me being alien to others. I'm looking into moving to Canada. This country isn't meant for people like me.
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    I miss you and BDB so much. I hope we have a time when we can all get back together again. Have a great week.
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