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    Hey I can' post a message on my high five area....I can just hit the high five button. Is there something I've done wrong? My computer is old, could that be why?
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    yup.... and you do it so well..... plus some people make it just too easy...
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    yes but that's what makes you sooooo good!!!! Love it!!!
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    You can't honestly say the cheese reference on election night when Wisconsin flips is subtle. It's not. You also skipped over a million other posters posting memes, which are pretty overt, as well as other people talking policy. Let's just call it what it is, you don't like my politics and you take exception to them. If I did the same thing but were on your side you wouldn't report it. And that's fine. As far as my posts being rants, they're not. If that's how you interpret and miss the humor and the passion, then that's not on me. I'm articulate for a living.

    You essentially de facto said you wish I was banned. I promise you that your interpretation of what you said would be taken that way from just about everyone else.

    As far as my argumentation -- I used to take the time to literally prove everything I said. Then disprove what others said. Typically from excellent sources and peer reviewed sources. The problem is that people can't deal with having their ideas challenged. I'm persuasive for a living. I have to craft argumentation and analysis that's used and referenced by attorneys and have even dealt with state senators and the like. It got to the point where I had to literally make the arguments for other people on the site. You can disagree with me and that's fine, but if we had to show up in places where actual logic and argumentation mattered, I'm going to be fine.

    You have my truest agreement in regards to the last sentence.
  5. Von, other posters here and there make very subtle references to politics, like my "cheese" comment you referred to, and some a bit more than that. What you've been doing is going on full blown political rants, bashing conservatives, trump supporters and the like. Your posts have come across as unhinged rambling rants, which would be fine in poltics, but not where you've been posting them. What's worse, is that those of us following the rules can't respond, because it isn't P&R.

    As to wishing you were banned, that's not what I said, to your crack about owing you an apology, was that while you may not remember, I had Top PM'ng me as I'm trying to leave a hotel to fly back from Germany, telling me about how you were promising to turn over a new leaf, and then I got a PM from you saying the same... I shouldn't have even sent that PM, but your crack just reminded me of that, and the fact is, that you've been totally out of line when it comes to four or five political rant/tirades you've gone on since about a week or two before the election. They are inexcusable. If you want to do that, go back to P&R.

    You give yourself a bit too much credit for tearing apart arguments, but I guess we are all legends in our own minds. I'm sure I'm just as guilty, and wrong, as you are in this regard.

    As to the back and forth, we are clearly both at fault.
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    You accused me of being a drug abuser. You also didn't have a rebuttal when I pointed out that you didn't call out other posters for talking policy (which isn't P and R) per se, or the blatantly P and R posts that you liked or didn't mind seeing. If you recall, that's what I was getting at when I made the joke that you owed me an apology. Then you sent me a very rude PM saying that you wished I had been banned. So, with all due respect, and when I say that I do mean it, it started off as a joke and snowballed. I'm a real smart guy who picks people apart with details. You're quite zealous as well. So, all things considered we acknowledge this and keep going, or one of us can put the other on ignore.

    I'm not going to take any excessive amount of blame on our back and forth. Neither are you.
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    I had you on ignore for about a day or two. We'd be haggling over hours, literally.
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    This kid had had a horrible life. Both parents drug addicts, he was an alcoholic at 18. He was to be moving to Kentucky today to start over. He's like an adopted child in our family. When he had nowhere to go, he always started with us. Some random despicable act in a park. He was protecting his girlfriend. This world ******* sucks.
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    You're fine, report was fine. Pissed that he kept going well after I sent the ip.
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    Again....thank you and I agree 100%... it was the tissue that freaked me out....too much.
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