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    Yeah. I'll be around for a while. I didn't remember the new name but saw the join date. Thanx for clarifying.
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    Kind of. There were talks of it happening, he agreed to talks with San Antonio if Louisiana and New Orleans weren't prepared to either rebuild the dome or build a new stadium. He had been fighting the state (Louisiana owns the dome) to renovate or replace for a while pre-katrina. The storm, and refugees, demolishing the stadium forced a decision.
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    By that logic the Chiefs screwed up Mahomes by not letting him start Week One this year. Instead he got to sit behind a professional QB and learn the trade, while working on all the things he didn't get to in college without the pressure of trying to do them with the AFCW pass rushers smashing him in the face for a little bit. I don't see it man. Case Keenum is a professional. Is he as good as he looked in Minny? Well that's something the Broncos have to make happen. He has two Pro Bowl receivers to work with. Get him another TE so he has some safety valves, an improved OL (I'd like to draft a top guard and rent a right tackle while we draft another to understudy), and another RB who can catch passes out of the backfield and pick up protections and let's go. The Broncos have a millionty picks in this draft and all sorts of ways to improve.

    Keenum costs 18 million a year for 2 years. Best case, next year is not guaranteed, whoever they draft (or still have on the roster) shows they can be the QBOTF and they replace Keenum. Technically the best case is that Keenum turns into Rich Gannon, but let's not get crazy. Worst case? They have the same problems at QB in the next 2 years that they've had in the past 2, Elway is gone, and the Broncos will have to figure it out. There's no QB who is an automatic success in this draft - the first-rounders are fetishes for draftniks too. It's always random luck that saves us. Manning was random luck. Elway giving the Colts the finger was random luck. Adding pro bowlers with undrafted free agents is random luck. Luck plays a big part in roster construction.

    So yes, the Broncos need to get lucky at QB, just like they've always needed to since forever. I don't see what's so distressing about that. My big concern was that they'd move up to draft a QB and then David Carr him into oblivion with a terrible line. Let me worry about avoiding that fate first.

    Relax, my friend.
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    Apparently I’m breaking rules again, Davii loves me.
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    Agreed completely. And no, it's not against the rules, but his twisted personal attacks calling people "cucks" are.
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    Agreed completely. And no, it's not against the rules, but his twisted personal attacks calling people "cucks" are.
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    You should see the emails and PMs I've received from him. He truly is.
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    Great article!
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    So, you can imagine how frustrated I get from the handful of people that infer, or state outright, that anyone that crosses me gets banned. It's simply not the case. Even in that case where every time he posted I was infuriated, I had to suck it up and take it, because I wasn't going to force them to ban him (they maintained it happened elsewhere, so no rules violation even though they thought it was low class and wrong) and I wasn't going to back on my word and ban him, since I ceded that control to the mods years ago.

    Anyway, ancient history. Just sick of being the whipping boy for bans. Shit, if I had control there would probably never be a ban issued. I'm pretty well aligned with Buff in my personal opinion about banning. I would be more for a complete free for all forum, but I said from day one that I wasn't going to set the rules or enforce them, the community would.
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    Nugs vs. Spurs is on TNT in a few.
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