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    No worries, man; we should probably both be in bed (er, separately, I mean, no offense. )
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    I've never held a stopwatch to them, but am pretty sure if I did Cams time/strut would be several times Watts. And even if it weren't, there's a whole HOST of other factors that could quite plausibly account for it (e.g. defensive fans, Texans fans, fans of Panthers rivals, fans of Auburn rivals.) Just immediately leaping to the conclusion it's ALL or even PRIMARILY racial simply because Cam happens to be black is a bridge too far. I thought whether he's white, black, brown or clear wasn't supposed to MATTER. As long as we must consciously acknowledge someones race, sex/uality, religion etc. before assessing their independent BEHAVIOR, all those things that SHOULDN'T matter ALWAYS must.
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    To me it's nothing of the sort, just "intolerance" for excessive showboating by a guy whose biggest and SOLE accomplishment is getting drafted #1 overall. Same reason Tebow nauseated me so much when he was pushing his far right politics in SUPER BOWL ads before he'd even been DRAFTED. I mean, whether one supports, condones, tolerates or opposes abortion, a SB ad amounting to "Don't have an abortion because you could miss out on the next ME!" is an incredibly arrogant self-aggrandizing argument for a guy with a handful of SB Rings, let alone one who's never played a DOWN. Not because I hate white people, nor even dual threat QBs, but because it's a douchey thing to do. #HeismanLivesMatter? I guess if you know the kid's got Downs, or if it's a girl, abortion's OK; not like s/he'll ever make an SECAA starting lineup anyway. *shrugs* At least Cam doesn't blame Jesus, I guess.
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    Honestly not sure, because I've not followed Carolina enough to know much of Cams behavior. From what I HAVE seen, he looks full of himself, but most NFL starters, much less QBs, are. I think he's a bit over the top even by that standard, and people resent it, especially when his teams playoff finishes have been (if you'll pardon the terms) more hype than buzz. Plus the whole "dual-threat QBs suck 'cause they can't throw" thing, even though he looks like a smart accurate passer to me. But so did Wilson w/a line, and Manning looks like Gabbert w/o one; funny how that works (only playoff QB I've seen suck WITH a line is that soulless ginger, but I don't wanna sound racist. )
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    Love ya, my Bengal!
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    It wasn't realk y that, I just saw that it could explode and saw everyone ki 2nd of boiling over with it. No worries, my bud!
  7. They won three with him, and the two best WR games in SB history were his. He also has almost all the other major playoff records. That's the problem, the logic of Fitzgerald destroys itself in light of Rice's career. Let's also be honest, Fitz went nuts on a team with Bolden and Warner. So he had another playoff monster and a QB who is a borderline HoFer. It's not like Fitz was doing it alone, but his team wasn't Rice good.
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    Note that I'm NOT saying Fitz>Rice, which I don't believe (for one thing, longevity's a factor, and Fitz has barely started HALF as many seasons.) I'm just saying that GoAT debates are almost inherently unresolvable because ALL legitimate contenders are so elite in the first place, and that the opportunity argument is a sound one that usually muddies the waters even more, especially across eras.
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    Brief dominance over pure dominance resulting in SB victories isn't on the table, because SF won nearly as many SBs with and without Rice. That makes it hard to convincingly argue HIS dominance resulted in ADDITIONAL SB victories. Arizona, OTOH, hadn't even SNIFFED a SB (nor even a CCG) before Fitz, despite four decades of trying; with him, they've won a CCG and have now reached a second.

    The opportunity argument's sound and tested by many cross-era comparisons (which Rice vs. Fitz largely is, since all Rices dominant playoff games were pre-cap.) Jim Thorpe never even REACHED a playoff game of ANY kind, because they didn't exist: Does Simms' playoff dominance make him a better QB, or Bettis' make him a better RB, or Steneruds make him a better kicker? Thorpe dominating ALL THREE positions most of his career suggests otherwise, but it's apples and oranges, if to a far greater extent than Fitz vs. Rice (hyperbole's valid as an illustration, just not as an argument in itself. )
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    Tomorrow, I promise; the response has been delayed my difficulty in figuring out what the answer to your professional question even IS in 21st Century America. I continue contemplating, but will give you the best answer I can determine by tomorrow.
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