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    In all honesty I would just ignore it. I know people say stupid shit without actually thinking about it, especially on the internet, myself included (probably more than most). Also, as a lifelong gun rights believer, anti-welfare espouser, and someone who has proclaimed their belief that drugs should be legalized I have always had things similar to "you don't care about terrorism" thrown in my face. Usually it's "I guess you don't care about murder victims or poor people". Really it's all the same brand of "you disagree with me politically so youre obviously a bad person" rhetoric.
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    Did some reading about it last night and am on your side in this one. I posted my simple thoughts in the thread.
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    and by the way. good take on the DNA
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    you are my lawyer!
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    Honestly haven't read enough to fully understand. My massive distrust of the government makes me very cautious though.
  6. If you don't think that he did more than them, I can't do anything for you. I'm sorry, Joel.
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    Berry, Alworth, Irvin and Pearson took over games; the eponymous Hail Mary that got Dallas to SB X proves that, and they didn't call Irvin The Playmaker for nothing. "Throw in" TEAMS throwing far more in Moss' era and whether he could've done more than they then is a good question, but we'll never know: Because he lacked their work ethic and hands.
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    So Randy Moss, lazy alligator arms and all, was better than every WR except Rice and Hutson? The folks who make their living analyzing football (not just the last 17 years of it) say Berry, Alworth, Largent and Irvin were better, and I'd add Drew Pearson as well. Moss COULD'VE been top 3, maybe GoAT, but I'm here to tell you there's a world of difference between what someone CAN do and what they ACTUALLY do. It's not the Hall of Potential.
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    No worries, man; we should probably both be in bed (er, separately, I mean, no offense. )
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    I've never held a stopwatch to them, but am pretty sure if I did Cams time/strut would be several times Watts. And even if it weren't, there's a whole HOST of other factors that could quite plausibly account for it (e.g. defensive fans, Texans fans, fans of Panthers rivals, fans of Auburn rivals.) Just immediately leaping to the conclusion it's ALL or even PRIMARILY racial simply because Cam happens to be black is a bridge too far. I thought whether he's white, black, brown or clear wasn't supposed to MATTER. As long as we must consciously acknowledge someones race, sex/uality, religion etc. before assessing their independent BEHAVIOR, all those things that SHOULDN'T matter ALWAYS must.
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