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    So, I gather your not happy with me. I'm guessing you telling me, "**** you" is a good indicator. I'm sorry I offended you dude. I honestly felt you were being a little condescending so I responded in what I felt was like manner. However, it wasn't my intention to make you mad. I hope we can reconcile things...I'm sorry dude.
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    There's ample historical truth to minority artists being held to a very different standard, all the way back to 1920s accusations jazz turned innocent decent white girls into "weed whores." But someone basically saying, "I hate rap because it's less melodic and more thuggish than Motown," largely takes that stuff off the table: He's not saying he's mad because Body Count wasn't as white as Smokey Robinson, he's saying the Miracles were easier on the ears and their biggest hit wasn't "Everbody in the 'Hoods Girl" or "Cop Killer." Psychedelic rock and metal embraced the predominantly WHITE "free drugs and sex" cultures that produced, nourished and defined them, so must live with the consequences, and the same goes for what most rappers CHOOSE as their focus and inspiration. That's not racist, just keeping it real.

    It's cool though, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too, and thanks (though it's actually been Friday here for about an hour-and-a-half. )
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    I love jaded- he is one of my favorite posters. Dude just makes me laugh
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    As I love you!
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    Cool, thanks bubba.
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    Hey fatty. Is Marvin Jones worth adding as a 4th-5th WR, or is he gonna be behind guys like Gio and Eifert for targets most weeks?
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    Julius Thomas wishes he had more plays to evaluate, too... I think....

    Weird thing is I remember being on the other side of this argument for years with my Packers friend who considered Novacek a fake TE because all he did was go over the middle and convert every 3rd and 17 like clockwork. Most TEs do one or the other thing better, but any GOOD TE must do both at least adequately (I contended, and still do, Novacek could at least get in the way a second or two even if he rarely pancaked anyone, much like I always played sandlot ball.) Thomas is a one-trick pony (another site search you can do for my early comments about him.) It's a VERY good trick, but still all he's got. And half the time he's got nothing expect a spectators view.
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    Had he mitigated protection issues any better vs. Indy Manning probably wins his first game back in town. Again going from subjective and sometimes selective memory, but I believe I recall screaming about Indy using a TE to smother his own QB into a sack, and guess which TE. Julius Thomas is such an awful blocker he stuck out to me in during a stretch where Chris Clark was giving up 3 strip-sacks in as many games. I'll grant this on the avalanche though: One reason I remember complaining about his blocking so much for so long is taking so much heat for it (though I believe it was one of the occasions Jaded and I agreed pretty much from the start.)
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    I know he did. Ridiculous.
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    Love ya, man.
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