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    Just a few weeks until Drew Lock is eligible to play! Risner, Sutton, Simmons, Lindsay, AJ Johnson, etc. The donkeys will be fine. . . eventually.

    I gotta get to sleep. But message me your digits. I wanna talk to you at some point.
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    I hate the juices balls. Baseball needs to get away from the HR is everything mindset and juicing balls to create ridiculous HR numbers is really hurting the product IMHO. I love small ball. I love singles and doubles and situational sacrifices that bring runs home. The constant HR swings in every situation kinda makes the game feel more like a casino game of chance. "Just swing hard and hope"

    It's one reason why DJ Lemahieu is one of my all time favorite players, even in Colorado he was a guy who would adjust his approach to the situation at hand. He would hit the ball to where the pitcher was pitching him. Pitch him outside and he'll hit an opposite field single. I absolutely love his baseball IQ and his approach to the game. I didnt post about it a lot but it really killed me that the Rox let him go.
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    I am a traditionalist when it comes to baseball so that makes this a tough question. One part of me really hates the crazy shifts because it's new and weird but I also dont really like the idea of a rule change. One of the beautiful things about baseball is that there aren't a lot of rules. There's no penalties, no clock and no hard and fast written rules about how to play the game. You could put all 7 fielders (you obviously need a battery) at 1st base if you wanted to. So if pressed I would say dont make a new rule. What I really wish is that more guys would bunt against the shift or otherwise try to beat the shift and make the opponent pay for that decision. Too much of baseball is HR oriented now and guys dont really even adjust to the shift.

    I also see why some people would want it. Pitchers will always have an advantage, its built into the mechanics of the game. The best batters in the world are successful 3 out of 10 times and the shift is making that even harder. I for one love a good old fashioned pitchers duel but a lot of fans dont and MLB needs to grow and sustain its fanbase and scoring runs is how that is done.
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    You’re good. I overreacted a little and thought you worded it poorly...the economics of baseball are actually quite fascinating. I think someone like you would really enjoy reading about them.
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    You don't know me!

    Be well my friend.
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    Here's another one

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    You should listen to a guy named Amigo the Devil.

    listen to this song, I think you'll dig it.

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    Hey bro, been monitoring your posts recently.... How you doin, PM me if you like. Be as superficial or as deep as you like, be as honest or lie...... But know I care
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    "King87;2918260]I have no clients. I'm such a ******* loser I had to withdraw from classes this semester due to mental health issues. I'm in good standing academically, and have a high rank for my class, so I can return any time I want for 15 months, but this is where I'm at. I'm unworthy to even have hypothetical clients. I'm a POS loser, and I disgrace everything I touch.

    But arguably, you might have a point."

    Aren't you in law school? Maybe start downloading
    NBI Colorado Legal seminars (their subscription is a great deal) and listen/watch legal seminars on topics that might interest you so you have a field of specialization that you can hit the ground running (real estate for instance or business labor law and regulatory compliance).

    That way whether you go back to school or not you'll have some good knowledge that will help in other business/entrepreneurial areas.

    Law school doesn't really give good training for the actual profession of law at all. It trains litigators which only a minority of lawyers actually become. Doesn't sound like you're one of them. I got out of the courtroom years ago because it's a high stress war-zone of kill or be killed. I don't need that stress in my life. You might not be all that suited to it either.

    If I'm wrong about all this, just forget about it! Just friendly advice that might be totally misguided.
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    I hate this type of Defense. It's ok at the end of the game when you are up by 14, but this sucks. I didn't watch the Bears enough to pay that much attention to the Fangio defense, but I would not have wanted him if I knew this was going to be the style.
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