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    And I you, my point is it’s needlessly caustic and will contribute toward the type of atmosphere that will result in the thread being moved.
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    We disagree then, not them first or last time. If you don’t see how your post about low information people bitching can be taken as a type of attack against people in that thread bitching then fine, but I disagree. No big deal. Like I said, I kept it private and didn’t mod anything (even though there have been reports and requests to move the thread) so we could have a conversation with everyone involved. I’m not saying your posts, but there have been reports and move requests and so far we’re not doing so. IF the thread goes off the rails we will have no choice, and I think posts like that contribute to it eventually going there.
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    Hate to tell you but I sent messages to more than you asking people to show civility. I did it privately as I felt it appropriate. As has always been the case posters here are free to cast aspersions on people that aren’t members here, such as “fcuk Congress, TS is a P.O.S., etc” but are not free to denigrate a member or group of members. It is not ok to say those who disagree with you are bigots, or low information, etc just as it’s not ok to say people that support not standing are anti American, etc. I don’t care how you feel on the subject or your opinion on the matter, I care how you convey it to others and how you treat others on the board. I brought it to you privately as I felt that was appropriate, it wasn’t a CYP, reported post, etc. if you took offense, my apologies it wasn’t my intent, my intent was to show you you are attacking others for disagreeing with you and escalating a thread to a point where there will be more reported posts and eventually a move to P&R. I’m trying to keep the peace, if you want to continue to escalate, by all means, go ahead.
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    Lol. Can't expect people with closed eyes to see
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    And to respond to Jaded's comment below. ...you hate everything. If you actually liked something, I'd check to see if you had a fever!
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    Then she wasn't the right girl, you don't need that kind of negative in your life.
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    While also ignoring that the playoff games were a shitshow, Keenum was a Rahim Moore missed tackle from being laughed out of his first and only P.O game. The happier they get the more I’m compelled to hate the signing, at first it was just eye rolling bad ... now I literally hate signing.
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    Rosen is a douche. Slick. He has no swag.
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    I know you did. As always, I enjoy the playful banter w you. Who do we troll today?
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